Monday, April 30, 2012

More Thankful

It's been a quiet, though slightly unsettling week at our house. We've been adjusting to our new bird, Loki, and he's been adjusting to (aka: biting!) us...And he's got quite a stronger beak than the keets or Squiggy, so even I'm feeling a little leary of the new guy--but we're working on it. I've found some training techniques online to try to help us both overcome our fears and trust each other, and yesterday was a much, much better day all around!

We've also switched realtors, hoping to breathe some life back into our listing. Our new agent comes highly recommended and I have a good feeling about it, though I felt bad taking the listing from Bill's friend, but four months in with nothing to show for it...It was high time to do something different, and we did. So, please keep the prayers coming that we'll find our buyer soon and get ourselves up to New England where we belong!

Then, after having the latest rain storm come leaking down our bathroom wall from the skylight, we got a hold of a roofer to come take a look and fix them all before it becomes an issue during a sale inspection--and it turned out to be a whole lot less expensive than we thought it would be! Such a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that's finally taken care of! Whew!!

Spent some time tangling with Michael on Saturday, which was really cool. We're counting down the days (25 1/2!!) left of school, and looking forward to some adventures out at Camp Lutherlyn starting this weekend's Camp Blast, a horseback riding lesson next month, and Bug's first week away from home (my heart's already frantically missing him!!) for the whole sleepover camp experience with his buddy, Bryce--they're gonna have so much fun! I'm trying really hard not to gush over how much I'm gonna miss him...I don't want him to think about me, I just want him to have a great time at camp that week. Me? I'll have to drown myself in lattes....sigh...

So, here we go, continuing counting our way to 1000 gifts:

#324. Roofer finally coming to look at the skylights (my biggest dread of selling the house, leaking skylights--just had to bite the bullet on this one...ugh!!)
#325. Knowing my hubby really loves me
#326. Coffeez with Missyz (doing that again today! Yay!)
#327. Squiggy whispering "I love you" to Skye (don't worry, Skye's not cheating on Blinkie...they're all boys anyway...hahaha)
#328. Loki just chillin' with the rest of the gang
#329. New realtor listing the house--change is good!
#330. Dogwoods blooming pink and white
#331. No charge at the dentist (wish I could say the same for cavities and a crown to be done...)
#332. Lotso tangle strings to play with--so addicted!
#333. Fat brown toadie in the yard, a little startled from the lawn mower--poor guy! Tucked him in the ivy bed to recover
#334. Free latte!!
#335. Answered prayers
#336. New hope and possibilities...
#337. Doing tangles with Bug-his first:
#338. Skylights fixed!! Gianormous sigh of relief!!
#339. Finished Earth tangle...even though I didn't make the deadline for the challenge website (gotta watch that fine print--but I'll be ready for next week's!)

Always thankful...

Just a heads up to some of my mom friends out there with little boys running wild...there is a 21 day prayer challenge just for moms like us! You can join up at the MOB Society (Moms Of Boys) and download the e-book to begin praying for your little men starting tomorrow! Hope to see you there!


  1. Hope your house sells quickly now, Dawn!

  2. Ooh I could picture that poor toad. Bet he (she?) was glad to be rescued!


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