Friday, April 20, 2012

Feel My Friday...

It's been a morning...Tucker woke us up about 2:30, dreaming, woofing in his sleep. Bug muttered, "Mom?" from the other room. I ordered him back to sleep. He dragged me out of bed yesterday morning, not even at four yet and I had to listen to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" playing on his PSP while I tried to wake up...Not how anyone would want to start their day. I made him put his earbuds in so I could have my morning peace. Now here we go least he's sleeping, and, oh yeah, the dogs are all back to sleep after an early morning potty break...Me? Wide awake....

After a nice long run, I fill bird seed dishes and change tray liner paper. Ruby wanders into the kitchen looking for her breakfast. Tuck already ate about a half hour ago. Pea's outside investigating the perimeter for signs of squirrels or chipmunks, too early in the season for toads, I think. But she's checkin'. Michael's managed to get himself ready without my prompting or nagging-funny what guilt will do in a ten year old's mind. He's in trouble for lying, again, and tormenting Sweet Pea, so I've taken his Legos, his PSP,his boombox, and his Easter candy, hidden the TV remote and the computer mouse so he can't play. Grounded. Sigh...the boy wears me out.

We head to the bus after a little talk. Can't hug it out much because I'm so sweaty from running, but I kiss his scruffy head, cowlick standing tall at attention in spite of his efforts to chop it off in the tub last night without my knowledge or permission...He slips, falls, going up the bus steps, doesn't wave as the bus pulls away and my heart aches for him--surely he's given the other kids a good laugh at his expense over his stumble. Oh baby, I pray, I hope your day gets better. Blow a few lost kisses his way then turn the car around and head back home. Weeding awaits.

Finally finding my way back upstairs, Pea has apparently secured the back yard and is ready for her breakfast. My phone's alarm is ringing, morning prayers. I set Pea's bowl on the floor, tell her to eat as she looks up unbelieving at me, no pumpkin? should've shown up when it was time to eat, not an hour later...maybe pumpkin for dinner...I kneel beside the bed, Tuck pouncing up next to me, pawing my shoulder, barking begging for my attention. Rolls over sideways, head buried under my pillows, growling, gurgling, butt stump up high in the air, silly. I love this dog. He finally settles, paw on my shoulder, we pray.

I hear commotion from the kitchen, like Pea's dumped her bowl of food, mad she didn't get her pumpkin. I sigh and scritch Tuck's cheek, head in her direction to see how much of a mess there is to clean up. But I find her instead in the livingroom, with her bowl, eating under the coffee table? I have no idea how she managed it without a single piece of kibble spilled--but she somehow navigated three bends a good twenty-five feet away from where she first started by the pantry door...Not a normal undertaking for a typically lazy Bassett...Who am I kidding--what in my life is normal?? At least she's eating, even without the pumpkin and she didn't leave me a mess to clean up.

Tuck wants back out and I need to get in the shower...before I find myself back in bed, taking a nap and trying to restart this day...woof!! Happy Friday!

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