Thursday, April 12, 2012


Here we are again at Count Me Accountable Thursday and I have good news at last! I've been anxiously awaiting Weigh-in Day this week...nervous, but excited--I've been so diligent, tracking every calorie. Yes, I did give in and had a couple lattes last week, but I included them in my calorie count and made sure I stayed well within my limit every day. Even with a basket full of Easter candy here all week and a huge case of the Oh Woe Is Me's Sunday and Monday--I did not give in to filling that ache with food (or pain pills left over from surgery...another weakness I probably need to confess...) That was huge for me. I am a Stuffer-Away-of-Pain. It used to be smoking--stressed, anxious, worried--I simply shoved it all away with a cigarette. Then when I quit smoking seven years ago, it became food that I turned to, burying my hurt with chips or chocolate or peanut butter. So, to not give in this weekend, especially with so much temptation within a close, easy reach, that was quite a milestone for me!

I'm sure a lot of the credit for that has to go to being able to run again. Running is total therapy for me and burns off so much of my stress and anxiety. It relaxes both body and mind so I can cope a thousand times better with whatever the day might throw at me. I love not only the immediate high of endorphins that follow right after a run, but also the positive feeling of accomplishment that carries through the rest of the day and week--knowing I did it, I ran, and it felt so good. I run a little further, a little longer each week now, getting closer and closer to where I used to be. And I'm confident now, since my surgery, that I can easily bypass those old limits and reach new goals--I can't wait!

On this morning's post of Count Me Accountable, they asked two questions:
  • In what ways, what areas, are you needing to be held accountable?

  • What is your motivation behind those goals?

  • I know I really need to stay accountable with honestly tracking my food. I can easily waver over into justifications like, "I ran this morning so I can afford to have another snack." or "There's not that many calories in won't matter." Managing portions is another area I struggle with...I do love food. But, I really love being healthy and feeling good--physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

    My motivation: to take the very best care of myself so that I can be my very best self for the ones I love. If I'm not happy with myself, then I'm not going to be very happy towards anyone else. And being the sole one in charge of my little Bug for the duration of this move, when he's needing more security than ever while Daddy's not here, I need to be happy, positive, encouraging, and more to make him feel that we'll make it through this okay--we can do this.

    And as I pulled that scale out from the back of the bathroom closet--it got really dusty somehow over the past week--blew off that layer of dust bunnies, took a deep breath and reassured myself that I did everything right this week. No matter what numbers that scale reflected back at me, I did do everything right. I drew myself up in courage and stepped up to the plate. 173.5--I lost a pound and a half! Yeah...I wanted to lose two pounds (pray for my husband because nothing ever really makes me happy!! Haha!) But, I'll take it! We're finally moving in the right direction. Hallelujah!

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    1. Oh I'm so glad you're linking up!!! Good for you for moving- I too am guilty of thinking I can splurge when I work out...i have to change that mindset!!!


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