Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Wednesday & Spring Break!

If you caught my status update on Facebook this morning, you already know I overslept. I blame the dogs. They're all comfy, cozy, squishing me tight in between a Pea and a Tuck. Warm and happy. Who can get out of bed like that? I didn't get up until six and, unless I'm sick, that's simply unheard of--half the day is gone by then! But...stop and catch a's all good. I can work out after I drop Bug off at the bus. I have a few quick chores to get done before I can sit and draw a bit (I did a new postcard for Easter  yesterday! Sadly, you'll have to wait until next week's Artful Tuesday post to see it--haha!) This afternoon I get to help out with Bug's class Easter, er, Spring Party--so wouldn't want to offend anyone by having a Christian themed party in school! soap box this morning...Boo and Pea get their yearly check up after that, which shouldn't be too bad, couple shots each. Praise God for healthy pooches! Then...then! We have almost an entire week to play! Bug is off school until next Wednesday! Last year our entire Spring break was eaten up by snow days--not so this year after such a pitiful winter. So...what to do, what to do? I'm thinking bowling, geocaching, maybe bike riding at homework, no bedtimes, an overabundance of sugar and candy from Easter...oh yeah-I think I might need some prayers by the time this week is through! Haha! Happy Spring Break everyone!

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  1. Beautiful picture! Sometimes your posts wear me out just reading them. But then I feel the energy you radiate through your writing and I find strength. Thank you!!


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