Monday, April 23, 2012

Drizzly Monday

I ran out of time this morning to get a post up...Before I knew it, it was seven and that's time to run. So I ran. Had a good run, too. Just over three miles, shaving a little time off my speed, felt really good. What felt even better was the 'Calories Burned' indicator reading a little over 500...Now that's how you start a Monday!

And what a Monday, right? We're supposed to get six plus inches of snow and I'm in a minor panic because they're calling for this heavy wet snow that'll take down power lines and leave everyone without any electricity...I'm doing a mental inventory of food and blankets in the house, actually hoping for a snow day with Bug since we haven't had a single one all year. But, alas, it was all a big farce. Not so much as a flake had fallen. Reminded me of life in Tennessee--big snow panic, mad rush to the stores for toilet paper and milk, and....nothing. One could always hope, right? Eh...There's always next winter, and we'll be farther north. The big bonus, we didn't lose power. And I still have plenty of TP.

So yesterday found us high-tailing our way south of Pittsburgh to North Huntingdon for the bird fair. You know I have to really like birds to brave the turnpike and drive over an hour away--that's so beyond my usual realm! I have a fifteen to twenty mile radius that I'm quite content to stay well within and to go so far outside that radius without someone else driving, there has to be a really, really good reason. And birds, for me, yeah, that's a really good reason!

The show was a bit of a let down from last year. There weren't even a third of the amount birds available this year, and much fewer vendors...It took us less than an hour to make it through the whole thing. However, we did find a sweet new baby to bring home--a five month old green cheek conure that I instantly fell in love with, all cuddly and cute. Ran out to the car to get our carrier, paid for our baby and visited a few other of the vendors to buy some food, toys, and treats to share with our other birdies at home. Scooped up all our purchases and made our way back north to Butler, Loki tucked in the back seat with Michael, both fell fast asleep...

Arriving at home, we set up Loki's cage and Squiggy got moved into his parents' bigger cage--more room for more toys! He likes his new digs! Everyone settled in quite well, dogs all inspecting this new noise maker coming from the bird room, Loki checking out the furry eyeballs looking curiously up at him...Time for dinner and nervous checking of the Weather Bug all evening long, watching for signs of this imminent storm threatening, though nothing at all on the radar...snow, my foot...

Waking up this morning to a wet, drizzly Monday, I have to say I was actually thankful for no snow for once. Yeah, that's right, I said it--I was thankful for no snow! Though there went my extra day at home with Bug to play with Loki...still, we can play tonight when he gets home. A few pensive flakes floated amid the rain drops, you could hardly call them flurries...rather pitiful, to say the least. Shooed Bug off to school, made my way through Walmart, and home to do chores and play with babies...Life is good...

Continuing to count to 1000 Gifts:
#307. Lunch out on the back porch, enjoying sunshine and breezes
#308. Kid on a bike in front of me with a Ninja Turtle t-shirt, just made me smile
#309. Nachos!
#310. Tucker kisses
#311. The Blind Side--what a beautiful story!!
#312. Glorious, jucious, rubious (Hagrid) grapefruit--mmm!
#313. On goal with my weight loss--four pounds down in two weeks! Yeah!
#314. Having a home gym
#315. Blue bird perched in pink blossoms
#316. 1946 edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales found forgotten in a toy box--treasure!
#317. Bible study with the girlz!
#318. Lunch with Diane on the deck at the Log Cabin--gorgeous day!
#319. Cute Bugalicious let me cut his hair--no more cowlick...for now...
#320. Obsessing over Tangles!
#321. Loki!! Love...

#322. No snow--never thought I'd actually say that...first time for everything, eh?
#323. 500 calories burned in one run--yeah!

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  1. Snow in April is brutal! But your list is glorious!



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