Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Saturday's Six

From Patrick's Place, this week's Saturday Six questions, which are really appropriate for where I'm at lately diet-wise...The threat of summer and swim suit season is upon us apparently! Haha--here goes:

1. When you were a young child, were you generally too skinny, too heavy or just right? I was a stick, just like Michael. My mom made a lot of my clothes because I was so skinny and tall it was hard to find clothes that actually fit me.

2. What’s the most weight you’ve lost during any one diet? (Or have you never had to be on one?) Last go around was forty pounds...this time I only need to drop a good twenty.

3. Of your favorite foods, which do you think is the healthiest? I LOVE avocados! But I also love a lot of the 'super' foods-black beans, brown rice, blueberries, almonds, spinach, asparagus....mmmm!

4. Of your favorite foods, which do you think is the least healthiest? My beloved lattes....sugary syrup and whipped cream piled high...aaahhh!!

5. When did you last have some of each of those two foods? It's been a few weeks since I had an avocado, and had a latte yesterday (oops--but I counted it in my daily calories!!)

6. You go to a coffee shop to meet a friend for conversation. How likely are you to buy a pastry or some kind of snack to go along with that coffee? Not very's tempting but I'm not a big sugary pastry kind of person, especially considering there's usually a good deal of butter/saturated fat that comes along with those sweet treats as well...not good!


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