Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tangled Tuesday

Well, it's been a great week for Zentangles--I'm learning more and more as I go and totally enjoying it! I'm starting a mini-sketchbook just for patterns so I can flip through and find designs at a quick glance, rather than trying to click on the links at Tangle Patterns. It's slow enough if I know the name of a certain pattern, wait for the page to load, then you usually have to click over to another website and wait for that to load...But if I want to try something new, to sit and click through their alphabetized listings just takes way too long--I'd rather be tangling! So...hoping to spend some time for a little while each day and do a pattern or two in my sketchbook (which will be great practice as it is, drawing them all in!) and, of course, more time playing with string ideas and trying new tangle patterns! Yay-fun!!

And this week's Diva Challenge, was to do an Earth themed tangle, so that sat in the back of my head all week and I finally went to work on it Saturday while my Bug sat with me and did his very first Zentangle--in case you didn't catch it on his Facebook page, here it is:

Mama's so proud!! I always loved drawing with my dad, those are like my favorite memories of him...and how cool to be doing the same thing with Bug--makes me a little teary...Unfortunately, I didn't realize that to make it into the weekly slideshow on the Diva's webpage, your tile had to be submitted by Saturday night, and I didn't get to finish mine until Sunday...but it's all good. What matters is I completed the challenge and now I know I have an actual deadline if I want to make the slideshow next week! I'm so on it!! Haha!

And here are the pics of the tangles I did this week. I'm getting a better feeling of what I like and what I don't like, balance, and I even added a little color to my Earth tangle (at the bottom...)

I like everything except the striped border and the bottom right section...eh...

Pretty happy with this one even though the left bottom corner was a boo boo turned into bubbles...it worked!
And this is my Earth tangle, had to put a wee bit of color into it...yeah, I might've done a few things different but overall, I kinda like how it turned out in the end-little earthy, flowery, groovy... =0)


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