Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gettin' My Move On

List addict that I am, the thing I like most about moving is the LISTS! Seriously, there's so much to keep track of when you're moving, I go bananas over creating lists for cleaning, purging, packing, tracking address changes, school and medical record transfers, utilities being turned on and off--it's list utopia! Calendars and address directories, planners and organizers--moving is a list junkie's dream!

I found a great printable checklist this morning at Mover's Edge and Fly Lady has another of my favorite moving lists. I started personalizing both lists to fit our needs and I think I've finally been bitten by the moving bug. The past couple of months, I've been so preoccupied with recuperating from my surgery and getting through physical therapy, which took up such a huge chunk of my time every week, there wasn't much I could do about moving. Oh, I've made some good purging progress-I am determined to leave as much 'junk' behind as possible this time. But as far as packing goes, I've only managed a few boxes of books and knick knacks. It's time to buckle down and get this show on the road...literally!

And, joy of joys! I discovered I need to buy a new organizing notebook! I've been gathering bits and pieces of papers and business cards with phone and fax numbers for the vet and doctors, dentists and magazine subscriptions for transferring records and changing addresses. But they're tucked precariously in the back of one of my calendars (yes, one--I have...well, several...'cuz I'm a calendar junkie, too...) Fearing something might slip away and get lost, I need to start putting all these little pieces together in one main secure place--an organizing notebook, of course! So, a-shopping I must go--darn the luck! Haha! At least I'm good in the colored pen department (thank you Missy!!) so I can color code anything and everything I can possibly color code! Now THAT is happiness!

You know, as much as I love planning and organizing, I really should find out how to become an event planner. If I can't have a job playing with animals all day, then planning and organizing parties, weddings, and the like would be right up my alley...Hmm...something else to think about for after we get settled...again!!


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