Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Walk With Him Wednesday

I'm becoming a blog addict. I never thought it would happen. If I have time to read, I want to read a book. I gave up magazines years ago. If I can commit part of my day to reading, I want to be completely engaged, entertained with what I'm reading. Magazines seem like so much fluff, same old articles repeated over and over, read and forgotten, not to mention they tend to pile up, collect dust, and then you toss them. Not very environmentally friendly if you think about it.

But lately I find myself spending more and more time reading blogs. I fell in love with Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience--you hear me talking about it all the time (you really should read yesterday's post if you have a minute-it's beautiful!) and I try to link up on her Multitudes on Monday's and Walk with Him Wednesday's when I have a related post. That led to clicking on other link up posts and falling in love with new blogs...Its like potato chips, you can't eat just one--fortunately blog reading is calorie-free! Then I downloaded the GoogleReader app on my tablet with which I can subscribe to all my favorite blogs and every day it lists any new posts, all in one simple, convenient spot...I love it! Who knew this could be so addicting?

Ann's Walk With Him Wednesdays are focused on spiritual practices: love, forgiveness, peace, grace...and she'll run a few weeks focusing on one practice. Following Easter, she's doing a couple weeks on "Living the Resurrection." I had to Google to find out what that meant exactly and I found this quote: "Every time we tell God, 'Take it from me,' we are living the resurrection, because we are remembering God's promise that He will provide for us, that He didn't leave His Son hanging, and that, despite what our inner skeptics might claim, He is truly trustworthy." (Read more:

Truly, as Christians, isn't that exactly what we're supposed to do? Live completely in God's trust and promise? Isn't that the very basis of our faith? I know we struggle with that, though, giving up our worries to God. How can He show us His goodness, His promise, if we won't let Him? Why would He when we're ultimately saying we don't trust Him to provide? Really? He provided His Son to die for us so that we wouldn't have to pay the cost of our sins, because we can't pay the cost of our sin--it's too much. He gave His Son--for us! And we can't trust Him with our itty bitty stupid little problems? What a slap in the face that is.

This past week, I've chosen to trust with this move. Really, I can't do anything else, can I? But I can not let it drag me down, which it was. It was wearing on me. I miss my husband--immensely. But I know God's got this. I breathe. I pray. I have to trust. And it's completely lifted the weight from my shoulders. Yeah, the Enemy tries to pile it back on, nudges me now and again, "Don't you wish you were there? Don't you wish this was all done? Aren't you angry, even a little?" Sure, but if I was meant to be there right now, God would have me there. What else can I do but do what needs done here and enjoy the gifts of right now? So, I'm trusting in the resurrection, in God's promises, knowing He will always provide.

Then my friend, Diane, recommended I read the Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (download from Amazon for FREE here-you know I love free!) so I started the other night...oh, download it! Read it! I've only just begun but I'm captivated and can totally relate...and I am sure you will, too! And if you've read this far, I thank you for listening to my ramblings...Happy Wednesday!


  1. You're right, Dawn. Reading blogs can be addicting. There are so many like you that impart such great truths. I appreciate the many ways you've revealed your heart here. And I can relate in so many ways! Great post!

  2. I love that quote! Its a great description of how the resurrection intersects with our daily lives. Reading blogs is addicting! Blessings to you!


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