Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Artful Tuesday

I know I said I wanted to play more with my watercolor pencils this week, but I think I must've psyched myself out a bit and was a little too intimidated yet to try the barn portrait...I was disappointed with how the last painting turned out and didn't want to further discourage myself. But, it's still sitting next to me in my pile of play stuff: watercolor tablets, sketchpads, pens, pencils, markers, and generally misplaced mess...If ever I had a Fly Lady hot spot going on, it's my little corner of the kitchen nook...but if I put it all away then I wouldn't be as inclined to play and create. You know, out of sight out of mind? Other things would grab my attention-the dishes in the sink, dog toys scattered here, there, and everywhere, dust bunnies skittering down the hall...So, everything stays right where it is 'cuz I'd much rather scribble than clean any day of the week!!

My main attention went to Zentangles all week long...Everywhere I looked, I could picture design inspiration, strings floated through my mind and I'd jot them down on little scraps of paper (also now accumulating in my nook mess...), and I zipped through tons of tangle patterns online, trying to picture them in different combinations...What a dreamy week it's been! I tried my hand at two designs I found online, pictured below:

Then did one of my own from scratch, string and all...eh...I think it needs more dark...

This is a string, by the way...a guideline to start your tangle...and strings can go anywhere in any direction, style, or shape:
The Diva's Weekly Challenge this week is to be inspired by the earth, honoring Earth Day this past Sunday, and this was her earth inspired Zendala:
Gorgeous!! Who wouldn't be inspired to try their hand at Zentangles looking at this??

So, I'll definitely be trying more tangling this week as strings and patterns flit wildly through my head. And...hopefully, I'll pull out that barn portrait and give it a go...Also hoping the weather will get a little warmer and the back yard will dry up so the dogs can stay outside and play more so Mr. Loki can hang out in the kitchen with me while I doodle...Fun, yeah? Enjoy your week!

Loki's new swing



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