Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Emptier Nest...

Two more of our babies left home last night. I had become concerned for Squiggy's mom and dad, Crash and Burn (aka Angel and Storm, their original names, which sound so much sweeter. I still don't know why we thought we should change them...) I knew they were wanting to have more babies but I also knew I wasn't up to hand-rearing another clutch or the thought of keeping more birds...I'm simply unable to part with the babies. Plus, all the more little lovies we'd have to move at some point down the road, whenever we finally manage to get this house sold...

So, I contacted our friend, Jenny, Angel and Storm's first mom, to see if she knew anyone who would be interested in taking them, and...turns out...she was! She'd wanted a pair of parrotlets to breed, these little two wanted more than anything to breed, and so we had our answer. And Ms. Jenny came to reclaim her sweet babies last night. As much as I know it's the best thing for them, I'm still a little sad that they're gone, and the house seems infinitely quieter with three less birds in barely a month's time...

But, we are off to an Exotic Bird Fair Expo this afternoon, down on the other side of Pittsburgh and, who knows? Maybe we'll find a new baby there...In the very least, I know I'll find some great new toys and treats for Squiggy, Blinkie and Skye while we're there, and get to play with some very sweet baby birds which is always a joy--sweet birdie kisses and cuddles!

So, I wish a fond farewell to these two precious little loves and know they're off to new adventures in avian parenting in a very loving, happy home. Thanks so much for the gift of Squiggy, and you two will always have a piece of my heart as well...Thank you also, Jenny!!

Cutest pair of parrotlets ever!!

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