Monday, April 16, 2012

Saying Yes When You'd Rather Say No

I wasn't gonna go to church yesterday. It's hard facing these people and having to answer, "Yes, we're still here...We'll go when the house finally sells..." And they offer advice, opinions of the housing market. They mean well. I just didn't want to face those faces...

But then I realized that's exactly what the Enemy would have me do. Stay home, suffer alone, in silence. Not seek the company of other believers who might offer encouragement. Not to lift my heart to God and worship the One who provides everything I need exactly as I need it. And if I would allow that separation, what else might he try to separate me from--friends, family...I wasn't going to give him that foothold-not a chance.

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing,
but let us encourage one another-
-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
~Hebrews 10:25

So, I got myself ready, and Bug didn't even offer up his usual argument or whining that he didn't want to go. He ate his breakfast and got dressed without one ounce of resistance--surely the Spirit came to my aid as I intended to get the two of us to Sunday school, not only on time but even a little early!

And it was so good to see friendly faces and their warm, welcoming smiles. We laughed and teased through our Sunday school class, which is what we mostly do-our teachers truly have their jobs cut out for them! And I love hearing Bug singing his heart out in the service, truly makes a Mama smile. A simple victory, a gift of friends, and honoring God...I'm so glad we went!

Continuing counting to 1000 Gifts:

#283. Talking things out with Bill
#284. Not turning to food or pills to medicate a heartache
#285. Bowling with Bug
#286. Free Pepsi, Jolly Ranchers, and donuts--gotta love Sheetz!
#287. New letter and drawing from Kiran, my little heart in India

#288. War Horse finally in Red Box and sobbing through the entire thing
#289. Showing...and snowing
#290. Running Inspiration-love from my friend Katie
#291. Coolest ever Wild Notes journal by Crayola--you gotta get you one!

#292. Key Lime Oikos--so good!!

#293. Dancing with my Bug
#294. Lost 1.5 lbs--it's a start in the right direction!
#295. Bubblebath and a chocolate mud mask to celebrate #294
#296. New watercolor pencils and journal and the best hubby ever!
#297. Time to paint
#298. Silly parrot at the pet store
#299. Beautiful sunny day
#300. Pretty pink Redbud blossoms across the street
#301. Nine blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep
#302. Friends who encourage and lift up at church
#303. Resisting sweet treats at Sunday school
#304. Windows wide open and furnace off again! Now if we can just keep it off....
#305. Having the whole week's menus planned out on Spark People-yum!
#306. Lost two more pounds! WooHoo!!

Always thankful....


  1. War Horse! Such a good movie. :) Enjoyed reading your list.

    1. Yes it was! Thanks Tammy--enjoyed yours too-now I know what those flowers are out in my front yard, dead nettles! Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. I can't wait to see that movie. I had the same thought. Someone I know died on Good Friday and I almost didn't want to go Easter and have to keep saying: "I'm fine." and "Thank you" (to all the 'we're sorry for your losses') I had to go though as I was teaching the three-year-old's Sunday school class. And I'm so glad I did for I got to drink in the love of a Christ Community.


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