Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check In Time

It's that time again and I was a little concerned this week. Not out of guilt for not eating right or missing a workout. I've been super stellar spot on all week, staying within my calorie range, running a little longer and trying to push my pace a little faster, strength training every other day--all good, good, good. But, it's 'that time of the month' and, well, I worried about water retention making me possibly gain (so much so that I didn't use a grain of salt on anything all week long!) and dragging me down after otherwise doing so well all week. It really doesn't take much to get discouraged when you're fighting the weight loss battle and food is so easy to turn to for comfort because it's right there, in the cupboard, the fridge, on the dinner table...

But, I got up on that scale anyway, tentative, determined not to let a negative number set me back. And-hooray! I did manage to lose half a pound. I was hoping for the full pound to get my first five pound loss reward, wasn't a gain or even a stand still, so I need to be happy for that. Gotta take what progress we can make and keep plodding on forward, right? Next week I'll hit that five...
Must Love God


  1. Good for you! And believe me, I UNDERSTAND that nervousness getting on the scale around "that" time of the month!

    You are doing so awesome!! Keep your eye on the PRIZE!!

  2. Hooray is right. I know it's hard during that time of the month. I think even maintaining a steady weight during that time deserves a "job well done!"

  3. You are doing so well!!! I have fallen so far off the wagon, it'll be exercise just to get back to it.


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