Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've been a member on Spark People for almost four years now. Been doing the Yo-Yo thing: gain weight, lose weight, gain it back, lose it again. It's rough being a woman...Hormones, stress, chocolate sometimes seems to conspire against us in the battle to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. But--I've done it before and I know I can do it again.

What I love about Spark People is that it's FREE! You know I love free! And I know some people swear by Weight Watchers--but why would you pay for something you can easily do on your own--for free? It creates menu plans and workout routines, there's thousands of different community groups and challenges to join, endless recipes to try, even a mobile app to help you keep track on the Now that's a beautiful thing.

Another thing I love about Spark is that it helps you set goals for yourself, encourages you to reach those marks with daily emails and articles that keep you focused and determined to stay on track, and also recommends rewarding yourself as you realize your accomplishments. I love rewards! My main goal is to lose twenty pounds, so I set rewards for myself for each five pounds lost...then I added a few more in between each of those just to keep me motivated and moving-heh heh heh...

My rewards:
  • 5lbs-a new book (always a treat!)
  • 7lbs-new unders (nothing makes you feel secretly pretty like new undies!) (Okay--blushing...)
  • 10lbs-sandals for my dinner cruise dress--yeah, maybe that $40 pair at Penneys that I love, this is my halfway mark after all...
  • 12lbs-art supplies--fun, fun, fun!
  • 15lbs-new capris and/or shorts--summer fast approacheth
  • 17lbs-a Spark People T-shirt
  • 20lbs and GOAL!-new running shoes, girl's training for a half marathon, people!!
So, I'm on my way...slow and steady. Sticking to my menu plans, maintaining my calorie limits, and getting things moving. If you're looking for a great way to get healthy, join me here-it's lots of fun, it's really a lot easier than you think, and as always--it's FREE!! Get a 100% FREE Online Diet
Please pray for Slovenia today.


  1. Sooo Dawn, Sweetie..... from where do you plan on losing these 20 pounds? You're so sleek and slim already!

  2. No, I gained a good pudge from not being able to run the past several months! But it's comin' back off baby!! =0)


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