Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Artful Tuesday!

First of all, let me immediately lower your expectations of today's presentation...I know I've been building this all up for the past week, and I did get to scribble some here and there-which is a miracle with Michael home on Easter break. He usually drains my attention and intentions so that everything is completely focused on him. He must be getting older...he seems much more content to entertain himself for longer periods of time, leaving me more time to get up to my own shenanigans! Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

My main objective of the week was to get a postcard done for Easter, which I did manage to complete and mail...picture below. I really need to keep working with the watercolor pencils and learn what all can be done with them...they're fun!

Then...I've been eyeballing these doodles called Zentangles for the longest time...I'm not ordinarily a doodler. I like realistic art and drawing or painting with a specific (realistic) purpose in mind. But these Zentangles are so beautiful and they're like doodling with intention...I was immediately intrigued! There are a bunch of Zentangle websites, with tutorials and patterns. I had found one that offered a weekly challenge but realized that was from well over a year ago (I'm always so behind the times...) But, a great website I discovered is TanglePatterns that lists literally hundreds of different tangle patterm designs and links to other tangle blogs and websites--it's glorious!! The first three pics are not my doing--they're examples of Zentangles--what they should look like...then below those are two beginning samplers that I did from video tutorials...*key word: beginning!

Tangle0005 SM
Aren't they cool???
And mine...hmmm....

My first sampler

Second sampler--I got really fed up with all the little fuzzy lines...so tedious and....aggravating!!

So, there you have it--what I managed to accomplish this week. I want to keep going with the Zentangles but I'm already so over doing the samplers. I hope to try my hand at some like the previous ones above. And hopefully play with the watercolor pencils some more...Bug goes back to school tomorrow and peace shall again reign in our house. Well...it's a nice thought anyway, right? Haha! Tucker will still be here....Happy last day of Spring Break!!

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  1. Hi Dawn, I don't see any fuzzy lines! LOL I think your ZTs are amazing!!! Can't wait to see what you do with watercolor pencils!!!


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