Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Six

Trying another weekend meme this morning...I wasn't crazy about the Saturday Nine's questions this week, so here are the Saturday Six's!

1. What type of cookie do you most enjoy dipping in ice-cold milk: chocolate chip, Oreo or peanut-butter? Oreos Oreos Oreos!! I'll even fill a little bowl with Mini-Oreos and milk and eat 'em like a bowl of ridiculously good cereal! Aaahhh....

2. When is the last time you had one of those cookies with milk? Just a few weeks ago, Bug had Oreos in one of his Lunchables and he shared with me--mmmm! Such a good boy!

3. Who you are/were you closer to: your mother or your father? My dad, most certainly--I will always be Daddy's girl!!

4. How do you take your coffee: cold or hot, sugar, cream, both or neither? I love coffee--hot, iced, flavored with caramel and vanilla, regular, decaf, half-caff--just gimme!!

5. What word do you most wish people would stop using? I haven't noticed any lately that really annoy me...maybe I'm not around enough people...But, cuss words, any, all--really, there's just not a necessity for profanity--clean it up folks.

6. How often do you floss your teeth? Daily, every night before threatened with losing your teeth to gum disease or, worse, the possibility of gum surgery--yeah, you'll floss...floss, floss, floss...

And there you have it folks...the Saturday Six. Happy Weekend!
Patrick's Place--Saturday Six

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