Monday, July 23, 2012

Thankful on a Monday

I messed up this week and forgot to write down the things I was thankful for every day. Then this morning I read this post about the Aurora shooting and awakened to how wrapped up I am in my own head. I don't watch the news. I honestly don't know even a fraction of what happened in that movie theater. I've gotten bits and pieces from Facebook, mostly angry jibes from people furious that this shooter would be glorified in the slightest manner. But reading this woman's story and how thankful she is that she and her family-her husband and two daughters-survived this tragedy, just struck me over how much we all take for granted. Simple life. The precious gift of a family.

Another friend sits in a hospital room this morning as her husband prepares to undergo bowel resection surgery tomorrow. I miss my husband but he's safe and healthy. I am thankful.

I did catch a few things last week: a friend from Lutherlyn at Alameda's day camp this week for Bug. He struggled with some bullying issues there last summer and I was hesitant to send him back this year, but he wanted to go so he could swim every day. He still had a couple issues with this same kid from last year, but having Luca there made it a better week. We're still done with day camp this summer. Personal play dates and trips to the pool on our own are far better than putting him at the mercy of this other kid.

A friend's husband who works at the electric company helped get our power back up and running the one morning after a squirrel found its fate on a transformer across the street, and our next door neighbor who showed me how to unlatch the garage door from the electric opener so I could get my car out! Freedom! The electricity was back on, and the air conditioner buzzing brilliantly by the time I got back from dropping Bug off at camp and a quick swing through the pet store--and it was forecast to be one hot, sticky day! Really thankful for John, quick service from the electric company, and for air conditioning!!

We have a quiet week ahead. A dentist appointment this morning, a trip to the library tomorrow. Maybe we'll unplug for an afternoon and go play at the pool, hook up with a few friends. All gifts, this simple quiet life. I am thankful.

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