Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life and a New Artful Wednesday

So we are into month seven of waiting for this house to sell, truly a test of patience and sanity. We dropped the price a little more and that seems to have brought a fresh onslaught of showings. We had two last weekend and two more this week. Yesterday, I buzzed about, sweeping and dusting, picking up here and there before settling into a little tangle time. Bug occupied himself on the computer with a game of Roblox and he let the birdies out for some play time as well. Here is Loki, our Green Cheek, chilling on the floor, shredding Bug's popcorn (all the white crumblies in the background)...after I'd already swept in there...thanks guys--but isn't he cute???

After re-sweeping the office and finishing getting the rest of the house in order, dinner eaten and dishes washed, it's time to wrangle up the dogs and vacate the premises for the showing. The realtor showed up early, not a big deal. Scooted all the dogs down to the car and flicked on all the lights. Thankfully, one last check revealed Bug had gone to the bathroom and not flushed--really?? Not a good selling strategy there, little man!! So glad I checked!! Such is my life...The next showing is later this morning--fingers crossed and prayers going up!!

I did manage to get a couple tangles done this week. I'm still running behind on challenges--where is all the time going?? Summer's just flying by...

Tangle Journal Prompt #26: Tangled Trees-I didn't quite go with the guidelines here as the trunk, I believe, was to be done with ink and a dropper, which I don't have, so I just tangled a tree. It feels overdone to me, too busy. I wish I could learn to cut back and let up...I'd paint a wash in for the sky maybe and do something different with the grass if I'd do this again...but I kinda like the tree itself at least!
This one isn't a challenge piece, just a spiral design I played with...
Michael said to me yesterday, "Why do you always draw shells? Draw something different!" Really? I love doing the spirals and they are all different...he liked the Squid though (tangle pattern in upper right area. I wisened up a little on this. I'd done the spiral and was so afraid of ruining the design, I made a few photocopies and played around with different pattern ideas on the copies before I committed them to the finished piece--so much happier with how this turned out now!! All bubbly and floaty...And!! I had worn out my first 'tangling' pen from a set of Prismacolor fine line markers and finally opened a set of Faber Castell artist pens I'd bought a while back--and fell head over heels in LOVE with these pens!! So much smoother to draw with, the color and lines are sharper! They're just a dream! Happy happy!
So, that's what I've accomplished this past week. The rest of this week is looking crazy busy, but hopefully I'll find time to play in there as well! Have a great rest of your week and thanks, as always, for stopping by!


  1. i love your shell and squid - and they really are fun to draw!

  2. Hey Lady -

    This tangle thing is interesting.

    I just awarded you the Liebster Award. stop by my blog to receive your award and info.


  3. I really like your tree. The whole idea of seeing the tree and the roots in the earth is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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