Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Artful Fourth of July!

Rusted Root!! Aaaahh!!
My head is still reeling this morning from last night's concert. I got to see my favorite band, Rusted Root, play at my favorite event of the year, the Big Butler Fair, and all this for my forty-fifth birthday! Great, great birthday!! But time to get my feet back on the ground here--I have family coming up for a cookout later today and, of course, it rained pretty good last night and the dogs have tracked a bunch of muddy pawprints all over the place...a-mopping we shall go!

But, I've been trying to catch up on the Diva's Challenges this past week, and the Zia Journal Prompt, and then I found a graph paper composition notebook for forty cents at Staples that I'm filling in with tangle patterns which is gonna take forever--but!! It's actually been inspirational, drawing these patterns in and looking at all the variations online (and I've only made it through A and half the B patterns--aaahh!! It's a slooooow process!!) I'm rediscovering favorites and finding new loves...I am totally hooked on Zentangle!

So, I'll start with the most current challenge and work my way back and link up everywhere I need to link...and maybe stay on track this week with the new challenges! This is entirely too much fun! Okay, the Diva's Weekly Challenge #77 is using the pattern Fiore di Pietro and submitted tiles are then to be used in a memorial tribute (you can click on either of the links to read the whole's pretty cool.) And, this is the tile I did yesterday:
If I get a chance, I'd like to play some more with this pattern. I just wanted to have something to put up this week!

Then, to last week's challenges, I made copies of the paint blown string background I'd done for the Zia Journal prompt since I was afraid I'd ruin it--but now I have six or seven backgrounds to play with (and I really did ruin the first one...) But this was my second attempt:
I used an online random number generator to pick numbers between 1 and 136 (which is the number of 'official Zentangle patterns--there are literally over 1500 patterns out there though!) because I just couldn't decide on what to do, so using the randomly picked pattern numbers, I filled in each block (um, except the bottom right block was just craziness!)

And the previous Diva's Weekly Challeng #76, "Home", using a little of Pittsburgh and Massachusetts for inspiration, I created this:
Steelers diamonds on the left (Pgh) and the arrow moving us to the lighthouse, shell, and waves of MA--soon!!!
So...that's been my week. I am caught up! But there's a new Zia journal prompt up already...I doubt I'll get to tangle today, but there's always tomorrow for dreams to come true...hahaha! I hope everybody has a safe and fabulous Fourth of July!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is very lovely. All your tiles are. I, too, spent some time going through and drawing all the patterns I could find. I bought Genevieve Crabbe's tangle organizer. I am still adding new tangles as I find them. It is a lot of fun.

    1. that's what i'm using, too. very helpful to have :)

  2. Wow! So much to look at - and they are all fantastic. Happy 4th July!

  3. Love your challenge entry and really like your lighthouse. I too, use the tangle organizer but still have too many to enter.

  4. Nicely done on all. Especially enjoy your movement in Fiore tile. Way to catch up!

  5. Happy birthday to you. I enjoyed seeing all your recent tangles. Really nice and interesting strings in your challenge this week for "Peter".

  6. Dawn, thank you for catching up on last week....I loved that challenge and yours is so refreshing...I love lighthouses! Also, the movement on this week's challenge is so fantastic. I find myself getting lost inside the tangle as I move here and there! Wonderful!

  7. i'm glad you're doing the ZIA journal prompts. i'm afraid she's going to drop it if more people don't join in. i love that b ttom right crazy corner - awesome! it's my definite favorite part of all your tiles here. what fun :)

  8. Dawn - I love your journal page. Colored background is fantastic. I am just getting caught up on mine and I was snooping to see what everyone else has done. I also love the lighthouse! Living in Maine, I'm kind of partial to anything coastal. Be well.

  9. I like your 'bit of crazines' and fun with the lighthouse.

  10. wow, everything you posted is wonderful. Fantastic response to the challenge for Rho, love your lighthouse, and the random generated tangle piece is fabulous too... great job on all! :)


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