Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!

Wow--one year ago today I started my blog...To date I've written 333 posts, have twenty-one members (Yay! Thank you!), and even started a second all-art blog, A Tangle in Time. I've made some great blogging friends along the way, had some great insights, shed my share of tears (yeah, that would've happened anyway...I'm such a blubberer), and really have had a lot of fun writing, meme-ing, giving thanks, trying to keep accountable but not always succeeding...ah, such is life, am I right?

And today is Monday, so that means it's time for some more gratitude, counting towards 1000 Gifts:

533. Back to School clearance shopping
534. Still showings-and I love it when they show up on time
535. Html magic and learning how to put goodies in my sidebar--Look! ------------>
536. The cutest Chinese Crested visiting one of our neighbors this week (which means I get to play with her!)
Okay, this isn't Lily but just another adorable CC just in case some of you don't know what they look like. Seriously, isn't this the most insanely cute dog you've ever seen?? I SO need one of these!! Again, shocked, I know, right?? LOVE!!!
537. These little white pills that help me keep it together when it feels like my entire world is spinning apart...That makes me feel weak to be dependent on something like that and I'm not proud but I'm seriously thankful for not having had a complete mental breakdown this year....
538. New tangle pens 50% off! I love you Michaels coupons!!
539. Baby Squiggy and Lenny's first birthdays, Lenny hatched a week or so before Squiggy...bad mama forgot when I announced Squiggy's birthday on Facebook but we all got new toys to celebrate! (*In my defense, Squiggy was hatched here, Lenny is adopted and hatched at my friend Jen's and I'm not sure of his exact birthday...still feel like a bad mama....I love you Lenny!!)
Let's party!
540. Thunderstorms and rain desperately needed! (Although the timing could've been a little better...just sayin'...)
541. Birthday party and ice cream cake
542. Cuddles with Clyde, the single most gorgeous Siamese I have ever known and makes me covet--I want this kitty-kitty!!
Those eyes!!! And his whiskers are striped! I love you Clyde!! Cutest cat ever anywhere, hands down!!
543. And, always, hope...still clinging to hope. Please Lord, hear my prayer!

I had my first tremor while driving yesterday. Fortunately it was fairly mild and I pulled over until it passed. Still it's scary to think about the possibility of losing control while behind the wheel, especially with my Bug in the backseat...Please, if I may ask for your prayers of safety, strength, patience and peace while we continue to wait to move and finally have our family back together under one roof again--I thank you.

And a huge thanks to everybody who stops by to read my blatherings from time to time and leave little comments so I know my time here isn't a complete waste. Thank you!

Won't you click over and join us in counting the joy?

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  1. Wonderful list! Clyde is a beautiful animal!!


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