Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hanging By a Thread

My Accountability Thursdays have gone straight out the window this summer. First I had a tremor, then I had a birthday, then I had a headache, then we went to the movies...and I've eaten and lazed and ran out of time for morning workouts. My get up and go has gotten up and went--without me. I partly blame stress/depression from still waiting to get moved, but excuses don't do much for the waistline. I keep thinking it'll all be better after we get going--I'll have a fresh new outlook and renewed motivation along with a new (non-stalker ruined) neighborhood to go running in and an actual husband at home to keep an eye on Bug while I take an hour to eat up some pavement and revel in the fresh air and sunshine. But, what good is that doing me in the meantime?? Not one miserable iota.

I've pre-registered for the fall session of #HelloMornings-a daily morning accountability group--over at Must Love God, but that won't start until August 20th. What's a girl to do in the meantime?? I'm trying to hang in there...better choices today make for a better day tomorrow. Sometimes though, you just want to eat cupcakes and let tomorrow take care of itself because I only have enough strength to see me through today...and who doesn't love cupcakes??? Right? I know, I know--I'm only gonna regret that cupcake in the morning--and the next multiple weeks' mornings as I try to treadmill that cupcake back off my thighs...

So, today is a new day. I've had my fill of cupcakes and I have an obligation to be good to myself so that I can be good to Bug and all these critters in my care...Plus, the happier I am health wise, the better I tend to do creative wise and that's a big holding on point for me as well this summer. So today I choose No Cupcakes!! And I will head downstairs as soon as this is published to get at least a quick run in before Bugalicious needs dropped off at camp for the day. One positive baby step at a time and trusting in God to carry me through and grant me the strength I need to overcome those cupcakes when they come calling in my weakness...

Click below if you wanna sign up for #HelloMornings with me, or just to read more about it...Time to get this show back on the road!!

Must Love God

Must Love God

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