Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Thankfuls

Yesterday turned out to be pretty much a misfire. We tried to go to Art in the Park at McConnells Mill, ended up driving a good four or five miles past our turn into the park, turned around, drove past the turn again because some people like to drive right up on your bumper and I was afraid this guy would rear end me if I tried to slow down to make the turn. us turned around one more time and finally made it into the park. Pulled into the first wrong parking lot (but took advantage of the restroom while we were there) Back in the car to the proper parking lot, looking for the Art portion of the day--nothing. Drove down to the grist mill and there's never parking available there, so swooped around across the covered bridge, almost running over one hiking family (um, there are actual trails for a reason--not supposed to hike IN the road!!!) and then almost ran over a couple walking their Chihuahuas three separate times--really??? No art stuff to be found headed back towards home. Along the way we thought we'd try to stop at this coffee/candy shop in town. Passed our exit for Main St. but managed to get off at the next exit and still, drove up and down looking for the store until I pulled out the Garmin and plugged in the address--"Arriving at destination! On Right!" Park, get out of the car. Walk up and down Main St, still couldn't find the darn store--until...we get back in the car and Michael looks at the window right beside us...really??? And, of course they were closed. Everything is closed on Sunday in town. Waste of time. Bah. Sheetz it is and let's call it a day! Yeah...

So, continuing counting to 1000 Gifts:

511. Friends over for a visit
512. Swimming in the neighbor's pool

513. Cute puppies to play with at the vet's
514. A friend's good news from the doctor!
515. Four a.m. wake up! So good to be back on schedule!
516. Teaching Bug to cook
517. Fun tangles
518. Good books for Bug at the library
519. More showings!
520. Perfect hardboiled eggs-mmmm....
521. Ativan to help smooth out a super stressful day
522. Butter-this beautiful moth we rescued:

523. Silliness with Bug--he's cracking me up this summer!!
524. Ice cream with friends at Debbie Lee's
525. Finally a chance to serve at Katie's Kitchen-beautiful meal, beautiful people
526. Brave--what a great movie! See it!!
527. Friend sleeping over
528. First car cruise of the summer
529. Ice cream smiles
530. Pea all fresh and clean and nails trimmed perfect (Pics of Pea, ice cream and the car cruise are all on yesterday's post if you missed it)
531. Double header movie night with Bug: Twister and Aliens in the Attic
532. Sheetz to the rescue!

Join us in counting to 1000 Gifts:

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