Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

Feelin' the blues this week. Some of you may remember the purple dress I bought earlier this year for the dinner cruise Bill and I were supposed to be going on in August.
Here it is:

Well, I'm taking it back to Penneys today. There's no way I'll make the cruise next month and seeing this dress hanging in my closet every day just makes that point painfully clear, along with the thought that I won't be seeing my husband anytime soon, either. Good thing I didn't bother with those $40 sandals to go with it...Ah well, there will be other cruises and other purple dresses.

On an up note, Michaels has a 50% off coupon online for today and tomorrow only, so I printed mine out and a-tangling pen shopping I shall go! I've been waiting to get a set of Pigma Micron pens for a while--yeah, it was supposed to be a weight loss reward but we all know how well that's (not) been going and I need a little art supply sunshine pick me up right now. Okay, material things are only temporary bandaids but Micron pens don't contain any calories and they're not covered in fur or feathers, so at least it's a better bandaid...

I did do a little tangling yesterday. I'm trying to plan a large 9x12 Zia and wanted to do a spread/spill of spirals, so this was a practice play:
A little spiral play
I've fallen in love with the Ixorus pattern and have a little Mi2 spilling from the center spiral (this week's Diva challenge pattern...lovin' it!) Eh...the whole thing needs some work before I start the final version but just wanted to give a sneak peek...

So happy Thursday! I (HOPE!) I have SYTYCD on the DVR for later...tonight is Project Runway--more to look forward to. Toss a little latte in there, it could be a good day after all =0)

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