Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Week Thankfuls

It's back to reality week and I'm more than ready...I had such a great birthday--as late a night as I can handle--we were up 'til midnight! That just doesn't happen in my life and I was too wiped out to stay up for fireworks the next night--but the Rusted Root concert was more than worth it! I'm just happy to be getting to bed at a 'normal' time (for me, that's about eight o'clock) once more so I can get up and get something accomplished in the morning before the day's half gone. Plus the heat finally let up yesterday so I could shut the air conditioner off and throw open all the windows to enjoy the fresh breezes blowing through--heavenly! I am so not a heat and humidity kind of girl--give me five feet of snow any day!! I also need to get back on track food wise--too much birthday cake and margaritas and other high calorie indulgences...I'm a-feared of facing the scale this week (yeah, okay, it's been more than a month since I dragged that thing out of the bathroom closet--I may make it wait another week until I have some healthy progress under my belt again!) (Confession/translation: Planning on going to see Brave on Wednesday and I am simply unable to resist movie theater the scale can wait!!)

But, I was more than blessed through my whole birthday week and it's time again to count those gifts:

493. Birthday lunch at the Harmony Inn with my aunt and uncle. The Inn is supposed to be haunted but we didn't spy any ghosties while we were there--Bug wants to go back! Too many Ghostbuster viewings for that kiddo!
494. A stop at Baldinger's Candy Store to stock up on some sugar for the week!
495. The Big Butler Fair -always my favorite thing to do over my birthday AND!! (496.) My favorite band playing that night:  Rusted Root !! Not only that, but (497.) we were front and center, as close to the stage as you could get! Such a great show--Bug's first concert and he loved it, danced his little heart out and pounded along with the drums--my little Root Head!!
498. Making it home safe so late--I really can't see anything driving at night anymore (I'm old, people!!)
499. So many presents I totally wasn't expecting! I felt completely loved by hubby and friends!
500. Rainbow birthday cake--the prettiest cake I've ever seen and, oh yeah, ate every last crumb!! (Sorry, no pics--I have been really neglectful with the camera lately! I will try to get better with that!)
501. Family up for a Fourth of July cookout
502. The gift of air conditioning in this horrible heat wave week! Bleh! 102 heat index?? No likey...
503. Two showings and continued hope
504. Bug going to another sleepover and (505.) Movie night for me! Woman in Black--creepy! But, I will always be a die hard Dan Radcliffe fan--so cool to see him in something new! And speaking of:
506. Harry Potter weekend on ABCFamily (I am so happy!!)
507.A surprise Sheetz giftcard in my mailbox! Thank you Amy, Scooby, Holly and Maddux!
508. DoubleStuf Oreos and a big glass of milk (another reason to avoid the scale for the week...aahhh!)
509. Temps finally in the eighties and a serious break in the humidity
510. God's hand...

Please pray for us. I just heard from Bill that the house we planned to make an offer on went under contract this weekend....patience, strength, and peace...we need our family back together soon...

Join us in counting His gracious gifts...


  1. i'm drooling after reading "double stuff oreos" - 2 years is a long time to go almost oreo-less! sometimes when i was pregnant, i'd have oreo cookies and milk - for dinner. the kids really thought that was unfair. :-)

    enjoyed your list today!

  2. Oh my -- 506 was playing around here too. Hope you had a great weekend and continue counting many blessings this week.


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