Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Stealing

Yeah, I'm not playing along with my usual weekend memes...especially now that the Imaginary Meme is finally over, I feel rather...I don't know, kind of like when you finally take all the Christmas decorations down and the house seems all...empty...and blah? Yeah, like that...Maybe next week I'll be over it and feel like playing again.

But, we've had a fun weekend so far. Bug's buddy, David, spent the night Friday, which was also the first car cruise of the year at Meridian Station. What could be more boy appropriate than strolling around, looking at a bunch of really old and really cool cars? Um, apparently not strolling so much as rather poking and chasing and throwing walnuts at each other, then ooo-ing and wow-ing at this car and that...They seemed to have fun and no cars were harmed in the pitching of walnuts--thank goodness, because also apparently Mom's voice saying, "No throwing walnuts around the cars and people!" is inaudible when Boy-silliness is in full gear. It's all right--they didn't listen to the old fart who told them to stop, either...Boys will be boys. When they did stop throwing walnuts, it became stick throwing time...then the farting and the burping...And I actually took them inside (in Public!) for ice cream after we'd seen all the cars. Fortunately they'd settled down (somewhat) and happily gobbled up their cones.

Awesome cool cars and super old trucks

It was Corvette night and this one was our favorite

Loved this paint job

I'm a sucker for these cars!

Funny story--Bug and I saw this car at Sheetz one day (yes, I live at Sheetz almost as much as I do at Walmart these days!) and were excited to see it again at the cruise. Bug actually asked the guy if he'd ever seen a white Kia one day at Sheetz (not even the model, just a white Kia--they're so rare, of course he should remember, right??) And the guy asked back if Bug was the guy with the cool white Kia--totally blew Bug away that he'd seen us! Haha! Great guy, great car--this is why we go to these things =0) Okay and to scope out cute puppies, too...

Ice Cream!!!!!!!! It was hard to say which one had more ice cream on his face when they were done...
The boys stayed up 'til well past one...talking and giggling and watching cartoons (thank goodness for OnDemand--you can watch cartoons twenty-four hours a day!) They slept til almost ten, got everyone fed waffles and OJ and straightened up the livingroom and packed up all of David's stuff that had been scattered in every room and down into the basement--Pokemon cards, ninja stars, his rock 'n roll CD...I hope we found everything!

After David went home, it was time to whisk Sweet Pea off to the groomer's to get her nails done. It's definitely a two person job and she acts like she's being absolutely murdered the entire time, so I can't possibly trim her nails myself. But one of the realtors showing our house last week came down to the car to fuss all over Pea (she said she rescues Bassetts--awesome!) and highly recommended the groomers at Whispering Winds Boarding Kennel after I'd told her how bad Pea freaks out when you try to touch her feet to clip her nails. They did a fanastic job, gave her a bath while she was there, too, so she's super white and fluffy now, and the girl who worked on Pea said she wasn't too bad at all when she clipped her nails! Yay!
Precious pretty Pea--love her gingham bandana!
Today we're off to church then Art in the Park at McConnells Mill in Portersville (weather permitting--it may rain on us...) But! I'm hoping it'll inspire me to finally start working on my watercolor art journal that I picked up a few months back...The girls in the Zia Yahoo group shared some great links and ideas with me and I'm feeling it's time--(hubby's thinking it better be about time--haha! I buy these things then they sit...Okay, okay! I'm on it!!) So, wish me luck and I'll post some pics as things progress (I hope!!) Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Happy Sunday Dawn -

    Muffin (one of my oldest girls) dislikes her nails being done. There is no way I will attempt the job. Thanks for coming by and keeping trapped on my requirements to you.



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