Monday, June 11, 2012

TSO7: Week Two-Clothes, Day Three

All right, I am a confessed obsessor (apparently that's not a word, so let me make it one. Obsessor-n. [uhb-ses-or] One who obsesses, worries, frets, carries on about obviously meaningless issues to the point of losing touch with reality. Orig: Dawn's kitchen, 2012. There, it's official. I am an obsessor and it's a real word. I'll send a note to Websters so they can include it in their next publication...

This is my biggest thing with these challenges: totally freaking out the week before about the upcoming challenge and losing sleep over it, then getting to the challenge and realizing, hmm, this isn't so bad, I can do this (really?? Imagine that!) But then realizing there's a challenge coming up next week and panic sets in once more and OH NO!! What am I supposed to do with THAT??? Sigh...I wonder if I'll settle down at all by the end of the seven weeks--highly unlikely, but one can always hope, right?

So, I went to church feeling a bit scroungy in my capris and Humane Society tie-dye T (I could've worn my Women of Faith T which is a little nicer and more church-friendly, if you will--but here's a peek into the twisted darkness that is my brain: it would've messed up the order of how I had laid out my T's--that, and I had just worn it Humane Society it was. Pray for me.) And I am really thankful that it's summer because several families came wearing shorts and T-shirts yesterday, very casual, so I didn't stand out like some Summer of 7 sore thumb whackadoodle...The rest of the week only consists of staying home and Walmart, Summer Reading sign ups at the library, and the Saxonburg Carnival--all very shorts and T-shirt friendly occasions, so honestly, I should be good.

I imagine clothes week must be much harder for those that work outside the home, therefore requiring two different wardrobes (Alene's still in her closet eyeing that pretty pink skirt...Can anybody get her out of there? The cat's getting a little concerned...Does she have a cat??) My ever-green-concious concern is the laundry and more water consumption from washing fewer clothes more frequently. Nevermind my brandy new washing machine is a fancy-schmancy high-efficiency model that only uses wee bits of water for even the fullest loads, making my concern, once more, nil--but someone out there doing this clothes week challenge may NOT have a high-efficiency washer and is using tons of water washing their wee bits of clothes every other day!! There--point made.

I also imagine wearing only the same seven clothes for a full month would be a much bigger deal. Yes, I've already tried to convince myself that no one will really know or care if I wear THAT T-shirt instead of one of the ones I laid out for the week, or that other pair of shorts with pockets for my MP3 player...but, my conscience won out and I've stuck to the plan. But, having to face my argumentative brain for an entire month over what to wear? I'd honestly most likely cave, 'cuz I'm weak like that.

And, yes, I'm already obsessing over Media Week, which will begin Sunday (I know it's only Monday people, feel my twisted mental pain) I'm hurrying up watching the second season of Game of Thrones my friend Missy taped for me so I'll have it all in my head before the week is up--aaahhh!!! Thank you, Missy!! I'm thinking 'Social Media' week, rather than flat out media--unless Facebook releases the new Game of Thrones game, then I'm out. Just sayin'...I'll have to skip to Possessions week or something else--if you can pry me off the computer, that is. And, I repeat: Pray for me.

Join us, won't you??


  1. I do not have a high efficiency washer; please feel free to use me as your example!! :)

  2. I think "Social Media" week would be enough of a challenge for me. I'm using "1992" as my media week guideline. If it wasn't around 20 years ago, it's a no go. So TV is okay, but Netflix is out. :)Also, I think I'm going to write out posts by hand and take pictures of them them to publish the next week. This is how cheating works. :)

  3. I haven't wrapped my head completely around media week, but we will be out of town on a farm for most of feels like cheating.
    Solution to washing dilemma. I do one load of laundry per day-ish instead of one wash day. Just throw in the clothes with whatever you're already washing. And we do have an HE as well. :)

  4. How do y'all have enough time to fret over what is coming? I'm barely making it through my clothes week. I think I've hit a sore nerve of pride!!! My jeans as baggin' already. My shirts are starting to smell. Did I mention it is 90 + degrees here in Texas???


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