Monday, June 4, 2012

TSO7: Week One-Food, Day Four

Plugging right along with our week, and we're already more than halfway there. I've actually stopped obsessing over whether or not there will be enough. Yes, the tomatoes are gone and the sour cream and the carrots. Not a big deal. My biggest issue is not planning more than a day in advance. I'd gotten so accustomed to writing out my menus and shopping list a week ahead of time-it's a little unsettling to not know what we'll have tomorrow. But I do know. Stuff that's already here. Bug's been fantastic. He even agreed to eat brown rice for breakfast the rest of the week when we ran out of cereal on Saturday--such a champ.

I'd like to say I miss my Walmart, but I really don't. Mondays typically have me rushing through a morning run and shower before getting Bug on the bus so I can hit Walmart right after, hoping to beat the senior citizen crowds that start to show up around ten--forget trying to navigate through the store then. They all stand around and yap like it's high social hour, blocking aisles and not giving a care that I have things to do people--and you're in my way!!! I can simply head back home this morning after the bus stop, do a protein treatment on my hair and an avocado/oatmeal clay facial while soaking in a bubble bath before getting around to cleaning the house. How sweet is that?

I do think we'll have to cut the week a day short though. We have plans with friends for Friday so I'll have to restock the cupboards and fridge on Thursday. I'd like to think I'd still only eat what was already in the house before the shopping, but who would I be kidding, right? And I'm not starting Clothes Week until Saturday. Again, out and about with friends on Friday, I'd like a day to not think about challenges especially since days with these friends are numbered before we move and it's more important to me to just appreciate time well spent with those we love while we have the chance. The challenge will still be waiting for us on Saturday.

And so, let's carry on, shall we? Want to join in the challenge--simply click on the link below...

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