Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking the Next Right Step: TSO7

So, okay, I was seriously considering abandoning the Summer of 7 ship yesterday. I mean, who was I kidding--staying out of Walmart for (not even) a week, just how was that significant in the scheme of, well, everything? But, a couple of the ladies participating in the blog hop and our Facebook group, said some poignant words that have convinced me to stay the course.

Kim's response to my post yesterday that she felt the challenge was helping its intended audience, herself, struck home. When I got off the scale and realized I had bypassed my next weight loss reward goal, I was immediately stoked by the thought that I would get to buy a new book! I waited for SO LONG for those numbers to drop below 168 and finally--there it was, 167, bright, bold, and beautiful across the LED readout on my scale--yay me!! Then...then...I realized, whoa--I did just buy a new book last week. 7. That was my reward already. Now--had this happened before I'd started this challenge, and I'd bought a book before I'd hit my weight loss mark, I still would've hopped lickety split onto Amazon and ordered me up the book I'd been waiting on all month...not so much as a second thought that, really, I'd already gotten my reward early. What about that book I'd bought? No matter--I earned another book! I deserved that book!! No, no, no...I'd earned a new book--not another new book. Hmmmph. Well, doesn't that just take the cake? My conscience has a voice after all...

Then, another blogger simply said, "Take the next right step." I so wanted to slough off the challenge. Quit like I always do in Lent. But, dang it--they've got me!! My conscience is wide awake and taking it all in--and I'm all in...Saturday I begin Week Two-Clothes. *Sigh* Thanks Jen Hatmaker--and, you too, Katrina, and Amy Dane, and Alene--and all the other bloggers who've taken this summer seven plunge...Just couldn't let me go...At least the food's gotten a lot better the past couple of days!! Time to go figure out what seven pieces of clothes is gonna look like for the next week...


  1. Thanks for being so honest! It is good to know that others feel the same way!

  2. You can DO IT! "Take the next right step" is actually a quote from 7 that motivated me, so I want to give Jen credit for that. Another quote from a great blogger is "Never underestimate the power of a low goal" from Kate at Inspired to Action. I thought it was funny at the time, but it is really true. Low goals are achievable and motivate us toward the next goal and the next. Eventually, we look back and think, "WOWZA, I did that! I accomplished that huge goal!"

  3. Ah girl - I'm thankful we're all in this together. I'm singing that little ditty right now for you "we're all in this together!" The next right step for all of us - is the RIGHT thing. When we mess up - and I do - ALOT - yep, I gotta get back on that horse and do the next right thing!!! Hope you weekend is filled with peace. Blessings.

  4. OK - this is take two on commenting. Not sure what the hold up is and it won't take.

    It's all we can do girl is take the next right step. So thankful we are all in this together. I'll be sporting 7 articles of clothing with you next week. Ain't this fun???

    But seriously, I'm noticing my days slowing down. I hope there is a correlation there.


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