Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

It's so quiet here this week. Bug is at Lutherlyn having the time of his life with his buddy, Bryce. I'm reassuring the dogs and birds he'll be back home again in a few more days. Myself, I slept twelve hours last night--that never happens! Normally I'd be freaking out that half my day is gone, but I don't have anywhere to be, just a few simple chores to check off the list, and mostly plan to tangle and answer a letter or two today. Nothing to panic over by any means. Hmmm....

Continuing counting His gracious gifts:

441. Peppermint tea to soothe a migraine
442. My pretty happy jacket (Missy knows what that means...)
443. Watching a Mama Cardinal feeding her baby in our weeping cherry
444. Four new Cup of Water letters to answer
445. Protein/Berry smoothies with whipped cream--my new latte?? Mmm...maybe not, but still yummy--and pretty!
446. Camp scholarship that made sending Bug much more affordable
All packed up and ready to go!

447. A day at the Carnival!
Such silly boys!
448. Staples fixing the computer...again!!
449. Missy keeping me sane...
450. Lattes, lattes, lattes....
451. Bug's first camp experience--so happy for him!
Dibs on the top bunk!!
452. Morning road run with Tucker
453. Pics posted online from camp!
Goin' schwimmin'!!
454. Computer finally back home at last!!

Count your thankfuls with us:


  1. Glad your computer is back home! Super list of thanks!!

  2. I check for your Sunday Meme, but it was not here, I guess you must be getting dressed before submitting. :) If Staples does not fix your computer, try the Geek Squad at Best Buy.



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