Friday, June 1, 2012

TSO7: Week One-Food

Seven weeks. Seven areas of excess. Seven opportunities to take stock of my life and shift my perspective to see where I can make a change and maybe, hopefully, make a positive impact in someone else's life. Seven weeks to blow off the chaff, to find the true grain-what really matters in this mess I call my life.

Trying to sell our house has been so utterly frustrating these past six months. Showing after showing, we receive the same feedback every time-"It's really cute, but it's too small." "We need more room." "It's just not big enough."

How much do we really need? I read an article a little while back comparing the average square footage of American homes with other home sizes around the world. The average home in the United States is 2300 square feet. The UK? 818 square feet. Almost a quarter of the size of what most of us are living in. How much do we really need?? I'm not sure of the square footage of our house, maybe 1500 sqft, and truthfully, yes, we had to pare down quite a bit when we moved in two years ago because there simply wasn't enough space for all of our 'stuff'. Junky knick knacks, frilly decorations--there just wasn't anywhere to put it all. A lot stayed packed in boxes, stashed in the basement, which most were recently taken to Goodwill. I figured if I didn't need all of that junk these past two years, there certainly isn't a need to drag it all to MA. I got over needing all that 'stuff'.

I like our little house. It's homey and cozy and ,really-it's just the right size. The only person who's ever complained about it is my mother and, if my mother's not complaining, check her pulse because surely she's stopped breathing. And we still have plenty of stuff: big screen hi-def TV and Blu-ray player, computer, laptop, tablet, smart(ish) phone. Furniture crammed into every corner. Not to mention the three-by no means small-dogs and we're back up to five birds. It's only been Bug and me since Bill headed north, which makes it feel even bigger, emptier. I have my gym space downstairs complete with treadmill, flex trainer, weights and our friend's stationery bike, and still plenty of room left over. Our house small? I really don't think so. And I could just scream at these people when they say it's not big enough--just what do you think you NEED???

We have too much, this society. Entirely too much. There is too much at our disposal, our kids are overwhelmed with crap they think they have to have. We throw money away like it's falling from the sky. I don't even think it really phases us how much we waste day in and day out. There's just too much. And so much we take for granted.

This challenge has come at the perfect time for me. I've been wallowing in this ridiculous pity party for six months. Oh, Bill left and then I had surgery and had to endure my mother for three weeks and the months drag on without a buyer and I'm angry and sullen and I really needed God to shake me up inside out and right side left. Goodness, I needed pulled out of my head!

So, I'm doing this challenge and thanking God for EVERYTHING He has rained down on me all my life, and now for opening my eyes to see how much we have that maybe we can find some way to share with and bless someone else the way God has so generously blessed us. I'm ready--I'm awake and I'm ready.

Week One--let's go.

This week is our food challenge. Yes, yes, yes-I ran to Walmart yesterday morning to grab a quart of milk, some celery hearts, an onion, a bag of pretzels and a six-pack of mini cans of Mountain Dew for Bug--and treats and dog food for the pups. That's it. And we will eat ONLY what is in the house for this week.

My freezer has long since been dwindled down to bare essentials after Bill left. All those re-portioned family packs of chicken breasts and pork chops all eaten up and gone. But, there's a few salmon filets, some frozen veggies, a bag of shrimp. I have spaghetti sauce and noodles in the pantry along with tuna, mac 'n cheese, a new bag of pitas and some peanut butter. Peaches, tomatoes, and a head of romaine in the crisper. Chickpeas and black beans, rice and lentils, oatmeal and cream of wheat. Plenty, plenty, plenty for the week.

Yet, any other week I'd be running to Walmart or Aldi's two or three times to get MORE! More--we need more! Wow--just the thought of not having to buy groceries, the money I won't be spending--that's exciting! Okay, yeah, I'll have to go stock up again once this week is over--but it'll be with different eyes, a different perspective...

Care to join us in the challenge?


  1. It's so TRUE. How easily we buy more instead of just figuring out what we can make with what we have. I am SO SO guilty of this. I'm sure we could easily eat out of our pantry for WEEKS AND WEEKS. And with the saved money . . I could feed someone who is *actually* hungry.

  2. It's been SO hard not having the option to run to the store for this or that. And I've always said I hate going to the store. Maybe I do, but I'm spoiled with the access to it. Awesome to hear your take on this thing (which is so, so similar to mine!).

  3. More. More. More. That's our society. In the light of the world it's sickening how self-focused we are. Blessings so glad you are here.


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