Saturday, June 9, 2012

TSO7: Week Two-Clothes, Day One

Alright--does it matter that I didn't sleep in clothes intended for the week? I seriously think I'm thinking too much about these challenges and missing the greater intended point...I was up half the night with my brain running again and again over just what I was going to wear this week--really?? Is it that much of an issue? OCD is an ugly plight. I often think I ought to be medicated...

But! I do know what I'll be wearing for the week, so I can get it out of my head and down on, well, not on paper, but up on the computer screen...Here it is: It's supposed to be miserably hot all week--so not a fan of summer...have I said that already? Okay--well, expect me to whine about it every chance I get 'cuz I'm so not a fan of summer...weh...Anyways, so I'm going with a pair of capris for those 'dressy' occasions (aka Walmart excursions....and church...) then three pairs of shorts-one specifically for running to be handwashed after the morning runs and line dried because I sweat a whole bunch and they'll be smelling something fierce come next weekend...oh my. And three Tshirts: my WOF T, Lutherlyn Stables, and my purple tie-dye Humane Society T 'cuz you just can't go a week without something purple and/or tie-dyed. Unders not counting, I'll be wearing sports bras for running (inside on my treadmill so I'm not out running through the neighborhood in just a bra...not that I have anything to show off in that department anyway--still I'm sure the neighbors are appreciative of not having to see me out running in my underwear...) Ta-da!! That's the Wardrobe Grand List for Week Two!

And, okay, I lied...I went to layout all my clothes to take a picture to post with this then realized, I am indeed wearing clothes intended for the week already! So looky there--I'm so ahead of the game (for once...My husband would say, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while..." Yeah, it's true love-don't be hatin'.) So here is a pic of the remainder of the week's wardrobe:
Yeah, fashion maven I am not....

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  1. I'm not alone!!! I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror at my sleep shirt and said, "Crap. This wasn't in my 7 items!!" I'm reminding myself of the big picture right now!

  2. Too funny! Good idea to hand wash the workout clothes, I'm going to use that idea.

  3. Starting the week of clothes with you! I'm screaming, pouting, and hiding out in my closet because I don't want to wear the clothes I picked out. I want that pink shirt hanging there all nice and fresh! Somebody come drag me out of my closet please!!!


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