Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still Thankful Tuesday

I'm realizing it takes me a good week or so to recover from these tremors. The brain seems to check out for a while and is reluctant to kick back in with what I really need it to do! Things I would ordinarily take for granted disappear-organizational skills, basic motivation, completing a single thought, even speaking sometimes is difficult. That's my excuse for not blogging much this past week, anyway...I just wasn't 'all there'. But, I'm finally beginning to feel more like myself again, at least much happier to have Bug home from camp! That certainly helps-he's my little anchor to sanity and I was honestly lost without him.

So, it's Thankful Tuesday once more, and I continue to count His generous gifts:

455. Family--specifically my uncle who came to my rescue when the garage door opener went kabloowie and (456.) got it working again then (457.) bought us lunch: white pizza with banana peppers at Natili's--oh so yum!!! And then, (458.) drove me past Camp Lutherlyn so I could (almost) be close to Bug for a minute and only made fun of me for crying until (459.) he got me laughing at myself again. And (460.) it was such a gorgeous day to be riding in his Audi TT with the top down. I am thankful for all of it.

461. Time to go pick up Bug!!!!!!!!! And hearing his crazy loud (paternally Italian influenced) voice for the first time all week!!!!!!
Camp Buddies heading home--yay!!

462. Kissing that sweet face and hugging tight
463. Camp stories and an amazing counselor
Time for one final prayer before heading home. Thank you Tim!!!

464. Celebrating birthdays, in spite of long distance and the promise to celebrate all over again when this is finally over
465. The comfort of getting back into simple routine
466. Singing camp songs in the car
467. Starting Vacation Bible School and swim lesson week craziness!
468. God sighting! Two hot air balloons flying over VBS (whose theme this week is Sky and the school is decorated in hot air balloons, kites, and hang gliders....His timing is SO amazing!!)

469. Chasing one of the balloons and getting to watch it be deflated, rolled up and packed away--too cool!

470. The incredible beauty and diversity of God's first gift--creation:
The Acraga Coa aka Jewel Caterpillar and the moth it grows into. Seriously--wow!!!

A tarsier--if this guy doesn't make you smile, you must be dead. And, I want one...just sayin'
471. Temperatures barely hitting seventy at the end of June--aaahhh!! A little chilly for swim lessons, perhaps, but I'm lovin' the break from the heat while we have it!!

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  1. Great pictures and a wonderful way to reflect what each of us our thankful for. I think this will make we think about my things while I drive home from work tonight. You seem to have a lot of good things in your life.


    1. Hey Jim!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am certainly blessed with lots of wonderful blessings in my life! =0)


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