Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Summer break is a mere day and a half away...I've started scrounging up scheduling ideas to help me keep Bug busy, happy, and not glued to the computer twenty-four hours a day. I'm gonna give it my best try, anyway. Fortunately camp comes quickly with swim lessons and Vacation Bible School right after that, so June should be fairly fun and easy. July, July...oh how I need to fill you up July! We are surrounded with some great summer fun options at least: Moraine State Park, bowling, museums, parks and pools, putt putt golf--and Pittsburgh is not all that far away. It's just a matter of getting off our hineys and getting out to enjoy the day. I considered a week or two of day camp again at Alameda--but for $110 each week, that'd cover a whole lot of other fun things to do together instead. So--let's do this summer thing!!

Continuing counting the week's blessings (it's a very birdy week!):

413. Cockatiel whistles--oh how I've missed that sound!
414. Loki speaks! "Wanna come out?"
415. Morning bird chatter filling the house
416. Whipped cream-I love you...
417. Daily Audio Bible (and thanks to Ann Voskamp for this link--you can listen to daily Bible readings free!)
418. New glasses at last! Thank you honey!!
419. A day (now a week...) cool enough for sweats and squishy socks--my finest attire (or at least my happiest...)
420. New perspective challenge--Summer of 7!
421. Season's first fireflies
422. Up 'n out of bed at 3:30--yes, I was happy about it though 4:30 would be a little better...
423. Hairs cut 'n colored--no more greys! For now...
424. Baby Jays all fledged--be safe!!
How sweet is this precious little one???

425. My forever optimist hubby--I'd be so lost without you...

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  1. Happy Thankful Tuesday, Dawn. Thanks for always linking up. And thanks for the link to the Daily Audio Bible. Checking it out now!


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