Thursday, June 7, 2012

My 300th Post! Really?? Wow....And Day 6-Food: TSO7

Three hundred--whew!! It'll be a year at the end of July...I should plan a give-away for my 'Blog-iversary'--whaddya' think?? Maybe a framed Zentagle? least I'll have a good month or so to come up with a really cool tangle to offer up to my follower friends! Are ya' in??

Well, it's Count Me Accountable Thursday--again. I had fleetingly hoped to abandon the scale for good, but where would that leave me? Fat and scarfing snacks on the couch, vegging to Greys reruns...Yeah--pass. It is officially SUMMER!!! Bug is home, no more school--we have things to DO! And getting this flabby bod back into shape is high on the priority list. So, I obediently, however hesitantly, pulled out the scale this morning and was quite happily surprised to see I actually lost two pounds!! Apparently paring down your fridge and pantry works with weight loss! Woot woot!! And I was so excited to think I'd finally earned my next reward, which was a book--but then I remembered I did already buy 7 last week for the Summer of 7 challenge and so have pre-rewarded myself...Next up is either sandals for my purple dress or Sakura Micron pens for my Zentangles...Hopefully it won't take me another month to get there!!

The past week's food challenge for the Summer of Seven put a little wrench into my usual Spark meal plans, but not that bad. Fresh veggies ran out quickly and the remainder of the week we were existing on canned beans, pasta and lentils...and my digestive tract rebelled by Tuesday night. I could certainly feel it, too--my energy level plunged and I barely made it through a two mile run yesterday morning. Oh, for a gorgeous green salad or a heaping pile of steamed asparagus!! I miss you Produce Department of Walmart!!!  And, yes, I confess-I gave in early and grabbed groceries yesterday morning while Bug was finishing up his last half day of school and, truth be told, you bet your bootie I was eating some of the fresh new goods!!, my fine friend, how I love thee....let me nom nom nom....Beautiful revelry! Seriously, I should weigh like 360 or somewhere thereabouts...thank goodness to be running again!!

So, I didn't quite make a full week out of the first challenge. Maybe if I'd gone the other route and chose the seven specific foods and bought only the super healthy organic items that others in the challenge are trying, rather than only existing on the processed remnants of the pantry, my body wouldn't have rebelled as much and I wouldn't have felt as drained and miserable...Next week's challenge is clothes. We're supposed to only wear seven items of clothes for the week--not including unders and footwear. I'm pausing for a few days before I decide to begin. This past week reading other's posts in the food challenge, how one interviewed a homeless man about how he planned for his next meals, and another was helping strippers quit their jobs in night clubs, I feel infinitely insignificant with staying out of Walmart for a week--like, how does that even compare?? What difference is it really going to make if I only wear seven items of clothes for a week? Who's going to care and how is that going to impact anything? Perhaps I need to keep reading the book before I dive back in...

Must Love God


  1. IT's a Start...which is more than the average bear boo boo! :) I am dating myself by stating that yogi bear comment! anyhoo! GREAT start! ;) I myself start my 7 journey on June 11th! I chose 7 foods and 30 days. Lord Help ME! Keep posting! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Tracy--I certainly need it this morning! Good luck as you begin next week! =0)


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