Monday, June 18, 2012

TSO7: Media Week, um, Not...

I was supposed to begin Week Three: Media this weekend but have decided to take a brief break. I've been having some medical issues this year that are playing havoc with my state of mind. Last week I had another pretty bad tremor (like a seizure but since I'm aware of what's happening, they won't call it a seizure--which means I get to keep my drivers license, at least--just doesn't make me feel any better physically or emotionally...) It knocks me off balance for a few days, and add to that I just dropped my baby boy off for a week at camp yesterday afternoon, my heart is just not in the challenge this week.

So I have this too quiet house all to myself (and the dogs and birds...) all week--*sigh*!! I just may high tail it outdoors and go for a road run or two, shake off some of these lonely blues...Hope to finish reading 7 and Storm of Swords. Truly hoping Staples will pronounce my PC virus free this morning!! Plenty of time to tangle and cook all the things that I love but a certain Bug seems to find unpalatable...Just gonna miss those morning tickles and hugs...And hopefully will be back in the game to carry on with our Summer of 7 next week!!

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