Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday 9: Hot Fun In the Summertime

1. What do you have planned for fun in the summertime? First is going to see Rusted Root play at the Big Butler Fair on my birthday--woot woot!! I had hoped to go on a Boston Dinner Cruise with my hubby in August, but unless we get an offer on the house pretty quick, that's not gonna happen--so much for the pretty purple dress I had bought...*sigh*

2. Who was the last celebrity that you thought was bright until you saw them interviewed? I don't watch celebrity interviews--seriously, so much better things to do with my time....

3. Do you think that the U.S. and our present war(s) seem to just ignore our history? Um, really, any war pretty much ignores history, don't you think???

4. Have you ever conformed just to "fit in"? Yeah, stupidly, and wasted five perfectly good years of my life with the biggest waste of a boyfriend to hit the earth...but I'm not bitter...

5. Do you feel that you at times do not enjoy the moment because you are worried about what will come next? That's pretty much my entire existence to date...

6. Does it seem that when you learn more about yourself, that others' opinions of you seem stupid? Um, caring about others' opinions of yourself is just stupid in general.

7. In rock & roll history, what bands or artists do you think made the biggest impact? The biggies: Beatles, Elvis, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones

8. Who do you blame for the state of the economy? Why? I'd like to say Obama, but you pretty much have to blame the entire government because they're all idiots.

9. Do you get upset and do you think you're being lazy when you do nothing? Sometimes, but considering my health issues this year, the times I take to do nothing are always for good reason. There's just that guilt factor, being a mom, like you ought to be doing 'something' but sometimes nothing is the best something you can do for yourself. Oooo, that's almost deep...


  1. I agree all in Washington is a problem, not a one person blame. BTW, under everyone's clothes there is a nudist.

  2. I like your #9. It is deep! I'm not able to do nothing very well, but sometimes the body says, "sit your butt down and rest!". You've got to listen to it.


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