Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

I'm honestly finding it hard to be thankful this morning after a mostly sleepless night riddled by a migraine. After the perfect house already having an accepted offer on it. Still not knowing when our family will be back together again...I'm still fighting the anger but the head hurts too much and I'm sad. But I woke to this lovely rain, cool, soft, soothing. My house is empty. Bug slept over at a friend's last night. Quiet. Good when enduring an awful headache. Still...the emptiness aches.

Then I get news from a friend, the doctor wants to biopsy a spot on her back. My heart breaks and what I'm facing seems so small, insignificant. She's walked this road before and I pray that her travel is done, that the biopsy will speak good news, relief. Please, Lord, at least hear this prayer...

But through the midst of these Summer of 7 challenges, I see His generous provisions: an overflowing pantry that fed us through Food Week. An abundant wardrobe, so many choices to pare down to seven simple pieces. Yes, He is good. He is faithful. And yet, I complain. I complain. And I want more and I want it now and why....why doesn't He hear me?

I keep praying. I keep thanking. Thankful I have this gift of prayer and a God who loves beyond measure. Because it's not about the here and now....it's about what is yet to come...in His time, not mine.

426. Free geocaching app that actually works!
427. Bounty of our pantry
428. Perfect attendance (the blessing of good health) and honor roll
429. Glorious groceries!
430. Pretty pink watermelon
431. An awesome day at the museum--so cool!
432. Baldinger's Candy Store--aaahhh!
433. Discovering Harmony
434. Horseback riding lessons for Bug
435. Swimming and an afternoon with friends
436. Season Two Game of Thrones
437. Beautiful sunrise
438. Bunnies in the yard
439. A happy Bug and pups who keep me company
440. Refreshing rain to wake up to

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