Friday, January 13, 2012


I was all excited yesterday at the promise of more snow overnight, two to four inches! Yeah, yeah, most of it would hit the mountains and I knew we'd be on the lighter receiving end of things, but still...I woke up a little past three and the top of my garden window was covered--my heart did its little jig! Snow!! I wiggled out from in between Tucker and Pea, slipped on my squishy socks and robe, gave morning butt and ear scritches and we fuzzy four headed to the back door to see the glory.

Well, it was white. And a lot had stuck to the sides of things-I guess from being wet with the earlier rain and the wind had blown snow mostly sideways. Pretty. But not deep. A coating at best. I have to say, I'm feeling jipped so far snow wise this year! Last year we had a gorgeous white Christmas and the snow stayed well into the new year. Then we got more, and more--I was in heaven! This year...I feel like I may as well still be in Tennessee--hmmph!

I know, I know--be careful what you wish for. Bill does have to drive home from Rochester today, so I'm thankful the roads should be clear for his trip. I'm sure we'll have more than enough soon and I'll be cuddled up on the couch with cocoa in hand, grinning gleefully ear to ear, watching the white wash away the dreary grey. It'll'll come. I tell myself...patience...

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