Saturday, January 28, 2012


Fuzzy this morning. Up early, just past three. But I have this sleep deprived EEG coming up on Tuesday, so I thought it would be good practice to stay awake rather than lay back down and try to sleep more.

Listening to the rain, wishing it was snow, though it's peaceful, the patter on the skylights. Soothing. Curled around upside down, twisted Tucker, stretching strong, skinny legs, begging belly rubs, kissing whiskery chin. Ruby snuffling in her sleep half under the bed.

Hubby comes home today--our last weekend together before he goes north for good until the house sells. Always this house selling...the heart some six hundred miles away. We've done this before, just not with this added twist of complications in the mix. Trying to reclaim the wind in my sails again...

God comforts me. Surrounds me with friends who encourage me, strengthen me. Holding me up when everything underneath me is falling, slipping, raining away....He has me. They catch me, carry me, help me bear this burden...I am humbled and grateful.

In the unknown of tomorrow, I am reminded of His plans, His provisions. My desktop calendar quotes Jeremiah 29:11. This morning's blog post at (In)Courage declares the same. The past few years God has drawn me ever closer knowing this time would come...that I would need Him to see me through and He reminds me once more I am His.

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