Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not How I Wanted the Day to Turn Out

Yesterday was gorgeous. We had a good six to eight inches of snow fall overnight--it was a picture perfect scene straight out of Polar Express, snow piled up high, branches weighed down heavy with white burden-I could almost hear the train whistle soft, high, whisper in my ear, "Well, ya' comin'?" Wouldn't have to ask me twice! North Pole? Oh yeah--I'm there! Could we swing by Hogwarts on the way? And I wonder why my dear husband thinks I'm a little coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs...Praise God he loves me anyway!

After daily skirmish with staunch and stubborn child, we quickly made plans with friends to go play in the beautiful bounty shining bright outside--Winterfest 2012 at Moraine State Park! Hiking through the snowy woods, ice skating and fishing-ice permitting (it didn't...sad), klondike racing (that's not actually for the ice cream bar or inclusive of dogs--it's boy scouts strapped to a child laden sled racing mad through deep snow. Hilarious and the little ones loved the ride! Snowshoe tromps and cross country skiing, a taste tempting chili cook off, and soup, hot dogs, cocoa and cookies to help warm by the fireside. I loved on all the sweet dogs people brought along--the favorite of the day was a massive Irish spotted Newfie named Merlin (I'm really never gonna have that purse puppy...I love big furry happy dogs!!) Snow ball fights and snow angels swished, boys wrestling in drifts, giggling and silly, soaked and chilly, we made our way home.

Last night was our farewell dinner and service at church for our retiring pastor, Tom Pierotti. He's become a good friend over the past year or so, and a great encourager with my writing. I'm so sad to see him go--he will be dearly missed by all of us at Trinity. Dinner was incredible, a potluck thrown by Lutherans--a definite don't wanna miss! The dessert table overfloweth--we all ate too much, talking and gabbing, laughing watching little ones chasing each other through the giant noisy family. Speeches were made, gifts presented, and finally we all found our way to the sanctuary for service.

The tremors started just before the sermon. My head began shaking and Michael was panicking. Quietly we rose to leave, I simply wanted to go home to bed, to rest, my puppies and my pillows. They managed to get my coat on somehow before the seizure took hold. The most horrifying part was listening to Michael, hysterical, and I couldn't stop, I couldn't hold him, I couldn't stop. I don't know how long it lasted, the shaking continued well into the emergency room long after Valium and Ativan, then finally slowly, subsided. CT, blood work, urine...everything came back good. They sent us home with prescriptions and instructions to follow up with my neurologist this week. I would've been happy to never have to lay eyes on Dr. Elawar again, but just not meant to be...

Bug stayed with church friends last night. They have a Wii and he really needed to play, not fuss over scary shaky Mom. I miss him this morning...need to hold him, kiss him sorry. So thankful for friends who came, who helped, who love through the hard parts...thank you, all of you....

Lake Arthur frozen over

A hike in the snow--so beautiful!

Three Stooges pootered out in need of a cocoa fix

Ahhh, heat!

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