Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You Could Have Any Job in the World, What Would it Be?

Hmm, I'd have a hard time choosing between being a buyer and an editor. Imagine being paid to either shop or read--does it get any better than that? Oo! Or a food critic! Getting paid to EAT!!! But then you might get fat or you'd really have to step up the workouts to keep up with the caloric intake...but it would be so worth it, right? Imagine eating (for FREE!) at all the finest restaurants and getting paid for savoring mouthwatering dishes you might never get to try otherwise...Yeah...I'd dig that job.

Not that being a stay at home mom isn't great. I can cook up all those amazing meals if I wanted, right? I have the convenience of the internet to find any recipe imaginable and YouTube for technique tutorials if needed. Heck, you could probably even order the most illusive ingredients online if it's not available at the grocery store and/or Walmart!

I watched the movie Julie and Julia last week for the first time--what a brilliant idea for a blog! Now I imagine thousands of folks are busy trying to do the exact same thing, find success sponging off someone else's original idea in hopes of striking it rich and famous...Not that that was Julie's intention, to become rich and famous, but kudos to her for doing so and for inspiring others to try something new and aspire for more than the simple status quo.

But back to my current state of affairs--how blessed am I to be home every day, to take care of my baby and watch him grow up? All struggles and arguments aside--that really is a gift in this 'two income family' day and age. I've had the opportunity to hand raise my baby parrotlet, Squiggy, which I couldn't have done if I had to go out in the world and work a day job. I have the leisure to paint, write, study, cook, read...and most days I glaze over those opportunities taken for granted...I may not have oodles of time to devote to any of those activities after attending to the household chores of the day, but even a little time is more than many folks get to enjoy. I am blessed.

I suppose, in a sense, I am a buyer: I buy all the food, clothes, furniture, decorations, etc for our home and family. I may not get paid to do so, but my bookshelves overflow with tomes to read in my own good sweet time. And, I can be as adventurous as I dare in my kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to cooking--who needs to pay those exhorbitant restaurant prices! Am I right?

I am living my dream job...thanks to my wonderful husband who busts his butt to allow me to do so. I love you, honey!!

Sleepy Boo

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