Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Gonna Be a Pretty Week

This morning is my sleep deprived EEG. Not only did I have to wake up at two (and stay awake...sooo tempting to pull up a pillow as I walk by one dog curled up on the couch and another stretched lengthwise across my bed--brats), I'm not allowed any coffee, either. At least I'm allowed to eat and I could have decaffeinated tea, but all I have is chamomile and I'm afraid that would only make me want to go back to bed all the more. Water it is...

Even better, I'm not to use any hair products like conditioner, mousse, gel or hair spray today. They want your scalp clean and oil free. Guess the electrodes stick better that way? So, sleep and caffeine deprived, and untamed crazy hair. Better keep a low profile if I go anywhere near the psych ward....could be looking like an escapee!

Tomorrow I'm not allowed to wear makeup to my MRI...?? Apparently there could be small traces of metal in the cosmetics that would disagree with the giant magnet swirling around my head. You can bet I'll be guzzling my coffee, though!

Friday, then, is my TEE, which I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything for six hours before the test, caffeinated or not, since they have to put me under for this three hour joy ride. Who signed me up for Torture Week? I'm not liking this at all...

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