Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peace Retreat

I posted the other day about Ann Voskamp's peace retreat and made a little progress yesterday creating my own little retreat space at home in my bedroom. I found a little Psalm and poetry book at Walmart and picked up the most yummy smelling vanilla scented candle. Once home, I repurposed a favorite wire basket to hold the Psalm book along with another book of prayers, a tiny journal and pen, and a few other books that might prove useful and calming during a time-out...for me, anyway--I don't know how helpful it might be for Michael, now that I think about it. I need to find a prayer book or two geared more towards kids for him...But, I did tell him he was more than welcome to look through the book of Psalms and write in the journal if he wanted. I added a bigger composition book for more in-depth scribblings and think I might tuck a small sketchpad in there as well, along with a few pens and pencils tucked in the nightstand drawer. It's a start, anyway...

I also found online a while ago a pdf file for Five Minute Retreats That Revive the Spirit and Refresh the Soul from another blog: Marsha's Musings. I can't find the link to the retreat though, but if anyone is interested, I can email a copy of the pdf. It's a 24 day program of daily five minute 'time-outs' to help you refocus and reenergize. I'll have to print it out and add that to my basket as well. Drop me a line if you'd like a copy of the pdf file.

So Michael heads back to school this morning in the cold and snow. I have a short to-do list for the day and plan to get some drawing or painting done later this afternoon...maybe even take Tucker for a walk and enjoy the new fallen snow.

Things I'm thankful for this morning:
Tiny snowflakes tickling my face as I open the door to let the pups out in the still dark of morning
Kind and thoughtful neighbors and friends
Silly dogs who always make me laugh

Peace retreat basket on my nightstand

I had JUST made the bed!!


Marsha's Musings

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