Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Dawn Day...

I'm having one of those 'sliding off the edge of the world' kind of mornings...You know when you wake up all full of the best intentions for the day, only to find little bits here and there slipping silently, sneakily away from you?

I already woke up late. Then I didn't want to get out of bed until the furnace stopped running--don't ask me why, it made sense to me in the moment?? See, our thermostat died yesterday--or at least I noticed it yesterday...I really don't know for sure the exact offing of it. But I had turned it down another degree...Monday? After Bill left, I think...He complains because I keep it cold in the house. It's winter! Put a sweater on!! Wrap a blanket over yourself! 'Tis the season to snuggie! I am a frugal tightwad cheapskate and I'll be darned if I'll pay one extra penny to these utility companies than I have to (try not sending your check in with the bill--yeah, gotta try to straighten that mess up later on today...brainless!!)

Fortunately the furnace is still running, I just have no idea what temperature the thermostat is now set at because what does one do when there's no reading on the thermostat? You push all the buttons up and down to see if that will magically make the numbers reappear! Yeah, that doesn't work...It is a little warmer than I tend to strive for, but now I'm afraid to touch the thermostat anymore for fear it quits communicating with the furnace all together...I don't mind snuggying in blankets, sweaters, squishy socks and slippers, but I don't want to completely freeze, thank you kindly!

Bill heads home later today--hallelujah! These things only happen when he's away, I swear! I'll let him determine if we need a new thermostat or if there's a simple enough fix like replacing a battery. I'm steering clear of the whole thing until he's done his man magic over it and I know it's safe to drop the household temperatures once more...

So, woke up late, not sure what the temperature in the house is, Michael then woke up wanting me to shave his hair off...My dear sweet Bug, who's worked all summer growing his hair long to be like Andrew across the street, he looks so cute with longer hair--okay he looks adorable bald as a cueball, too, but it took him so much time to get his hair this long and it's really gonna snag in the trimmer and he'll be mad when it hurts and I really don't want to do this this morning....But he's been bugging all week for me to trim his hair because the bangs tickle his forehead and he tries shaking them off his face, but it's turned more into a nervous tick and the kids are giving him a hard time about it at school...So, I stop what I'm doing, I don't have time to run before I have to get him to school anyway now since I slept in, and God will forgive me if I skip my prayer journal to do something to make my Bug's day a little better at school, so I shut him in the bathroom with the trimmers and shave his sweet little head down to crew cut stubble again. Oh Shannon, we tried! He is such a cutie...Grandma will be happy--she likes his hair all shorn and neat, cowlicks clipped into submission.

So then I have this need to reconcile with family today. The Spirit's been sitting on me for a while and I've fought and argued and pleaded my case...But,you know God is always right and you can argue and debate, but He'll always win...So, I'm trying. I'm willing to try. They're all screwed up and goofy, but then so am I. It kinda makes life a little easier when you're with people just like you, who can catch you when you're day is sliding all apart at the seams and falling off the edge of the world...

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