Monday, January 30, 2012

Another New Beginning

I stared into the darkness as my heart pulled away, tears welling, falling silent, feeling afraid of what the days ahead hold in store, heavy. I know I am blessed. He works so hard, always striving to better himself to give us the best life he can. And I know this is just as hard for him to leave, to face forward not knowing what he is leaving us to bear in his absence. I say a prayer of thanks for where the Lord has placed me, so close to friends who will see us through. He strengthens me, reassures me--He will never leave me. He holds us all close in His arms, whispering peace into worried ears. I breathe deep, dry cheeks, close the door as his tail lights disappear.

Gifts of joy this week:
74-Friends arranging to help with coming appointments
75-Sweet, strong husband hugs holding tight
76-Fears opening eyes to so much love
77-God's perfect timing
78-Belting out Adele at the bus stop with Bug
79-Blinkie & Skye popping in to visit Brodie's cage
80-A caring doctor
81-Internet friends offering smiles
82-Peaceful, silent sleep
83-Advice for a sick bird
84-Bills paid, generous provisions
85-Free wifi at the medical center
86-Lunch with family at our favorite restaurant
87-My Dad--I love you and miss you
88-A walk on the treadmill after a week of fatigue
89-New beginnings

Always thankful.

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