Sunday, January 1, 2012

And So We Begin

Happy New Years folks! 2012...There's so much controversy over this year, I'll save that for another post. I don't want to start the year off on a negative foot. In fact, that's my one resolution for this year: to be less negative. I intend to keep my contrary comments to myself and to be more encouraging and uplifting. No one likes a gloomy gus, so a zipper on the kisser for those nasty, naysaying notes!

Instead, I am proposing a book swap group! Okay, that has nothing to do with being positive or negative, other than reading is most certainly a positive, or, well, can be...But before I begin rambling here (too late!), I know I have a lot of rabid reading friends, and it's occurred to me over some past Facebook posts that we're all reading or wanting to read a good deal of the same books!

Now, many of those may be Kindle or Nook e-book versions that we're unable to swap, but it seems to be that as I've been shopping for many of the books I want to read, the paperback versions are suddenly less expensive than the Kindle versions! And tightwad cheapskate that I am--frugal! I'm frugal!! I will invariably go with the least expensive option. And mailing books is fairly inexpensive as well if you ask for the media mail rate. It seems to take a little longer to get to its destination, for some unknown reason--unless there's this Media Mail corner in the post office where suchly designated packages sit for an undetermined amount of time, collecting dust and cobwebs before being issued out into the world and sent along their happy way. You never know...

Anyway--I really do try not to babble, but sometimes my brain just gets away from me...apologies. For anyone interested, drop me an email. We can configure a group list of books available for swapping-I'd be happy to keep an ongoing list of who has what and email around regular updates of books available for the swap, books we're looking for, and exchange addresses privately of parties swapping...

Plus, as the group grows, the volume of books available in the swap would grow. We'd be able to recommend books we enjoyed to the group or tell each other not to bother...Sound good?

I don't have much to offer swap-wise right off the bat since most of what I've read the past couple of years were on my Kindle. I do have Love Wins by Rob Bell and Game of Thrones by GRR Martin. I have a slew of books on my shelf to read that I will happily pass along later (including the rest of Mr. Martin's paperbacks of the Song of Fire and Ice series and The Help, which my friend, Jenn, has first dibs on.) Books I'm looking for right now are the Twilight series and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I know they're out there!) and the rest of Steig's series...So, if you're interested in sharing and swapping, do drop me a line and we'll get our group under way! Everyone is welcome! Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

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