Monday, January 23, 2012

I Like Big Dogs

I probably should've posted this before my mention of the Newfie yesterday...I've been trying to write some posts ahead of time during the birds' playtime (two birds, one stone...) Hoping to free up more of my morning since exercising has been taking a backseat to blogging...So this was a post I'd written the other afternoon and might help make some sense of my 'purse puppy' comment in yesterday's post. Bear with me folks, I'm having brain issues this week *wink, wink*....

I love dogs. Big, small, hairy, fluffy, even nekkid dogs--though they feel really weird to pet…yick! I keep saying I want a little dog, a teeny, tiny pop in your purse and go shopping kinda dog, that I can buy all sorts of cute little outfits for and play dress up…Take to the groomer’s and have cute hairdo’s done and nails painted…Buy little bitty furniture for and fuss and coo over my itty baby puppy.

I saw this video posted on Facebook the other day and fell in LOVE!! I want a cute little pool playing Chihuahua!! How adorable is this guy?? The noises he makes and his precious prancing across the table! I could just eat him up!!

But somehow I keep getting bigger and bigger dogs…Dogs that barely fit in the car, forget your purse!! Haha! But big dogs are pretty cool. I like a dog that I can lay my head down on and wrap my arms around him and know I’m not gonna squish the poor thing. I feel safe, especially with Bill being away, having dogs that can protect Michael and I and be more threatening than maybe nipping an ankle. Pool puppy up there? Yeah…not gonna intimidate many burglars. Tucker and Ruby? Folks would definitely think twice before inviting themselves in to our house after seeing those two! Pea--she’s about as much threat as the pool puppy, but she’s really good for cuddling and smells like Fritos when she’s happy--who doesn’t love Fritos??

Maybe someday I will get my little dog. Miniature Bull Terriers are pretty awesome…but not really purse puppies. I seriously want a purse puppy, like a Maltese--are they not the cutest things EVER??? All white silky fur and big brown eyeballs--adorable!!! Someday…when we get settled in New England…then I can shop for my pretty little purse puppy…

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