Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Our first good snow and not so much as a delay this morning--I'm shocked! Perhaps they'll have an early dismissal since we're supposed to get another two to three inches later on today. Bug's pretty bummed he has to go to school, but, alas, this is not Tennessee...Kids go to school when it snows in Pennsylvania. Wait until we're in Massachusetts and it's even colder and snowier and he still has to go to school...It's all relative, my little Bug...and off you go!!

I didn't do so good starting my detox diet yesterday. It's hard to begin a diet when there's others you have to feed in your household. Bill was still here for lunch and then there were the dinner leftovers from New Years, almost a whole pork roast swimming in sauerkraut...Michael won't touch anything that's touched sauerkraut. So I suppose I'll be finishing off that roast by myself this week, which means detox most likely won't begin until next week. Eh, not a big deal...my thighs don't know it's a new year, cellulite can hold on for a few more days.

It also didn't help that I found THREE new cereals at Walmart yesterday! Well, four, I guess. Kellogg's has come up with a new chocolate cereal called Krave. There's chocolate and double chocolate--a chocolate filled cereal bite that I simply couldn't live without. Then Cheerios now has a peanut butter flavor and a dulce de lecce flavor!! I was all in a cereal swirl over which to buy!! The double chocolate Krave won out this time--it simply sounded too glorious to leave on the shelf.

I've been craving chocolate at night, more like a cake craving, and trying to appease myself, have created my own version of the chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookie conglomeration, without the added sugar and butter. I dump about a half cup or so of old fashioned oatmeal in a bowl with a scoop of peanut butter and a squirt of chocolate syrup, squish it all together and viola! Dessert! It's whole grain and healthy fats, with only a tiny amount of sugar from the syrup, so, good, right?? Yeah, it's still probably a good three hundred calories or more that I don't need right before bedtime...So, finding this double chocolate Krave cereal, I thought I could possibly cut that calorie count in half by replacing my cookie mess with a bowl of cereal. It's worth a shot, at least in my mind...

So how is the cereal, you might ask? Not so good...It sticks to your teeth, like Cap'n Crunch or worse. It's chocolatey enough, but I don't like scraping cereal paste from my molars. Yuck. I definitely won't be adding it to my shopping list--but I will be trying those new Cheerios flavors!! Oh yeah....peanut butter and caramel--mm mm goodness gracious!!

Yeah...not so much...

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