Thursday, January 5, 2012

Half Steppin' Detox

I saved the January/February 2009 issue of Body and Soul magazine for its new year health challenge. Its five week program includes a detox diet, and encourages fitness and stress reduction. I somewhat remember working their program three years ago-it was during my surge to get back in shape after eating myself fat trying to cope with my dad's unsuccessful battle against lung cancer. I was all hyped up on running, eating better, and trying to get skinny again.

So this new years, I dug out the magazine, buried on the kitchen bakers rack under a few other light and healthy cooking magazines, and thought I'd give it another go. I'd put on a few unwanted pounds over the holidays, hadn't kept up with my usual exercise routine due to a lack of energy or gumption, and figured perhaps a renewed effort in the not-so-new health challenge might be a good place to get started again.

There used to be an online program that went with the magazine issue, but...that was three years ago. Apparently things don't last forever on the internet...However, for anyone who's curious or interested in this year's health challenge, you can check out Whole Living's 2012 Action Plan. It's similar to my magazine's plan, just tweeked a little for more current times...

Since I'm still dealing with leftover pork roast and sauerkraut from my new year's dinner--been eating that every night for dinner! Tonight should finish it off...I've not been a hundred percent invested in the detox diet. I have managed to stick to the lunches of brown rice mixed with legumes and steamed veggies--that's right up my alley! Love that combo! I'm not a huge tea fan, but I'm trying. They also suggest a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning and right before bed at night to aid digestion. I can do that. I'm limiting coffee to two or three cups a day, and it's already half-caffeine, so that's in my favor.

However, their suggestion to substitute dairy milk with easier to digest almond milk....I have to say a big giant nuh-uh!! I bought a quart yesterday, figuring I'd give it a shot. Hubby's become a little lactose intolerant the past couple of years, so I thought this might be a good move for both of us. Oh, no, no,!! I poured about a tablespoon into my coffee this morning and thought I'd try it on my cereal later. Oh good gosh! The taste, even in the coffee, is WEIRD!! And it coated my throat with almond yuck that I'm still trying to swallow down...Almond milk is definitely not for me. I'll stick with good old cow milk. I like cows. And I really like their milk. Especially chocolate...

So, I'm still carrying on with the rest of the diet. Okay, I haven't been able to give up my oatmeal/ peanut butter conglomeration since the Krave was such a disappointment--but I'm working on that! Half steppin' is better than not steppin' at all, right? And speaking of steppin', I need to go zig a little Zumba this morning! Happy Thursday!!

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