Monday, March 26, 2012

Return to Reality

It's been such a great weekend. I knew it would go fast, but at least we had this gift, this time together...I don't want him to leave, to walk out of my arms again. But I can't keep him here-he has to go, make this start for us. Just so hard, unbinding the heart to release him when all I want to do is hold on tight, stay wrapped in those arms, safe, close...ever close. Praying this will all be over soon, that God will bring us back together again quickly--families need to be together...we need each other.

Continuing counting to 1000 gifts:
#217 Reasons to draw again, renewing purpose, priorities
#218 Prayer Board
#219 Peanut popping with Bug at the bus stop
#220 Geocaching with friends and actually finding the caches!!
#221 Celebrating Tucker's first birthday
#222 Weightless running
#223 Pet sitting Scooby, Holly, and Maddox
#224 Leaves burning fast
#225 S&S!! (translated: stopping for coffee at Sheetz on the way to Bible Study...simple pleasures...)
#226 Good prognosis and progress from physical therapy--almost done!
#227 My lovie coming home for the weekend!
#228 Weeping Cherry blossoms
#229 Forsythia and pears boasting spring beauty
#230 Hubby kisses!!
#231 Eleven wonderful years
#232 Scrumptious sea scallops wrapped in prosciutto and sage
#233 Breathtaking sunset
#234 Strolling through art co-op after dinner, a feast for the eyes
#235 Sweet Newfie lazing on back steps
#236 Hunger Games! Up to 48 books to read!!
#237 Spring Pea and Spinach Hummus
#238 Bug 'n Dad watching Sunday cartoons, laughing together
#239 Being in his arms for at least a few days anyway
Thankful in all things....


  1. Sending you cyber hugs!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed your list. :)


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